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The Round Records Company

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The Round Records Company, or just simplified as RR, is a music company co-owned by the founder Ojay738. The company formed at August 1, 2015 after Round Records (currently RRstore) and Giga! Music Studios (currently RRstudio) merged together. The company has two headquarters at Vermilion and Janghwa City. RR currently offers stores in two different industries: RRstore and RRstudio.


On December 14, 2014, Ojay738 founded Round Records as a store franchise on the MRT. Since then, he expanded his store to multiple regions, and became a leading record store on the server.



Round Records Store, or usually written as RRstore, is a record store franchise. The industry is headed by Ojay738. The franchise has many store locations at this time. RRstore is the larger franchise but has the smaller store scale in the company.