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The Dominion of Royal Ferry and Twickenham

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The Dominion of Royal Ferry and Twickenham
Goddess Taylor Swift
King MIKE24Dude
Duke of Redlin Benie
Duke of Mikeland TonyTajiri
Duke of Royal Ferry TonyTajiri
Duke of Oakley Benie
Duke of Astoria TonyTajiri
General Information
Included Territories Mikeland, Royal Ferry, Redlin, Oakley, Astoria
Capital City TBA
Founding City Mikeland
Founded July 2014

The Governing Body Of Royal Ferry and Counties is the centralized government which governs three cities on the MRT. The capital ATM is in Royal Ferry. But this may change.



During this time Mikeland was founded with the assistance of ryan_friel the great city came to be. A friendship with neighboring Kitania was founded and many rail connections were build. Now the city can be found with a layer of dust over it in somewhat ruins from it's former glory. During this time Royal ferry was founded and a few buildings built before the town would become stuck in time.

Era 1

With the Royal Ferry being revived it quickly gained a number of builds and became a flourishing town, however many rejections from staff and community forced the city to develop a completely different southern area, dubbed the downtown area. The rest of the city was left to rot. Also during this time Oakley was acquired. Connection to many roads were accomplished and a freeway system began planning. Soon however a great change would take over the city, that would displace most businesses and bring the design of the downtown to the city. During this the Isle of Friel had been built and the war fought, no casualties were recorded.

Era 2

Following much rejection from most people on the server every city road in Northern Royal Ferry was removed and the plan to build a new artificial island rejected, the announcement of the Epsilon server was a hail Mary. The idea of a new town based on a railway network to be built on the large island in the northwest was brought to light. So buildings were built secretly in preparation. The town of Twickenham was founded with the island being shared with Elite_Neon. The island is still yet to get a name. Too reflect the great change the empire was renamed from The Royal Ferry Monarchy to The Dominion of Royal Ferry and Twickenham and a new flag formerly only used for military operations was adopted.


We the people
Form this group
To Live Life In a Fair Manner
For Our Divine Goddess
Taylor Swift
Fairest Of all Lands
In Her We Bring Blank Space
In Her We Can Shake It Off
In Her We Can Make it Out Of The Woods
In Her We Will Never Go Out Of Style
In Her We Can Be Strong As Bad Blood
In Her We Can Fulfill Our Wildest Dreams
In Our King We Trust

Government Operations

The Royal Court sets the rules for all of their commonwealth.


Major Territories

  • Royal Ferry (Central)
  • Mikeland(Founding City)
  • Isle Of Friel(Defense Sector)
  • Astoria(Adopted)
  • Twickenham (Secondary)


  • Redlin
  • Oakley(Eventual integration into Royal Ferry)
  • Laclede Exclave
  • Risima (Rapid integration into Twickenham)


  • Arendale
  • Marauder Forest

Royal Ministries