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The Snapshot LIVE

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The Snapshot LIVE was a special episode of The Snapshot, which will air on January 7, 2018 at 9:00 pm UTC on chiefbozx's YouTube channel. It will feature several games of (un-modded) Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

Submitting content

Any MRT member may submit content to be read or aired on The Snapshot by emailing it to Chief's MRT email address (chiefbozx [at] Payment for advertisements were done to Chief in-game, and payments were due before The Snapshot LIVE airs.

News articles may be submitted for free. Generally, a free news article is one covering an event, town, building (i.e. airport), or announcement of grand openings of major transit structures.

Audio advertisements may be submitted for $15 each and must be formatted similar to a public radio support message. For instance: "This episode of The Snapshot is sponsored by the Southwold Transit Commission, announcing new connections between Schillerton Division Street and Whiteley Turing Square" is acceptable; "Ride Fred Rail" is not. Advertisements that do not match this format will not be read and no refund will be issued. Do not submit an audio recording of the advertisement - please instead submit the text to be read.

Generally speaking, spoken advertisements are submitted by companies, third-party warp rail providers, regional transit systems, or franchises.

If you're unsure of whether your content is an ad or a news article, you are welcome to submit it anyway for consideration.

Video advertisements may be submitted for a sliding-scale price based on video length:

  • Videos less than 30 seconds long may be submitted for $50.
  • Videos between 31 seconds and 1 minute long may be submitted for $65.
  • Videos longer than 1 minute may be submitted for $99.

Please note that due to copyright, you must be the owner of the video (video advertisements created by anyone else can't be played) and you must share the raw video file with Chief via email. You may do so via Google Drive or by using Mail Drop.