The State Department of Mason City

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The State Department of Mason City
Chief DiplomatKiwirainbow
Assistant Diplomathntredtie


The area of foreign affairs is dealt with by the State Department of Mason City. This branch of government is lead by the Mayor and deals with relationships between other cities and states. Currently, the department maintains a neutral stance on most issues and strives to maintain peace throughout the MRT. This is accomplished through building embassies, talks with other leaders, and participation in other organizations that maintain similar values to Mason City. The headquarters of the State Department is located in Embassy Square on Parliament Island. It was officially founding on May 26th, 2016 at 1:00pm.


Mason City strives to hold a neutral view on global issues in order to ensure a non-biased stance to solve problems. This includes not joining the Yaxier Alliance nor the Anti Warsaw Pact Pact. In addition, the city is in good relations with all members in both groups. However, Mason City does not condone communism, nor support any financial system. However, Mason City itself is capitalist.


Embassies from cities across the MRT are located in Mason City, including:


Mason City's number one goal is to ensure the safety of it's citizens at home and abroad. In order to do this, it occasionally provides advisories to travel in areas which the city finds possibly dangerous or where a threat is possible. In more extreme cases, a warning will be provided forbidding all unnecessary travel if a threat is extremely likely.


City-State of Kitania

Citizens should take caution when traveling to provinces and territories of the City-State of Kitania. The City-State of Kitania has reported that unsafe activities by groups have occurred, including attempted armed takeovers and bombings. The State Department recommends that citizens remain vigilant and avoid major public areas, including airports, train stations, sporting arenas, and large squares or plazas.



According to reports, Xilia is under attack from Orio. Due to this hostile situation, The State Department requires all citizens to evacuate the city immediately. It also suggests leaving the immediate areas of stations A5-A7 and T6-T9.