The Winter War

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The Winter War

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Kaktus Republic
Pearl Coast
Spruce Valley
Kaktus Republic Global Defense Force
Nauvis Armed Forces
Carnoustie Armed Forces
Pearl Coast Imperial Armed Forces
Spruce Valley Army
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The Winter War is a multinational war, triggered by Carnoustie's staged failed revolt, blamed to be initiated by the Kaktus Republic. A formal act of war was signed against the Kaktus Republic, which Carnoustie claimed to be backed by Pearl Coast.

The Carnoustie Crisis

On Monday the 14th, 2019, Carnoustie formally declared war on the Kaktus Republic, backed by its ally Pearl Coast. Carnoustie claimed that it was because of Cactan revolutionaries in the streets of Carnoustie, backed by the Kaktus Republic (Which was later found out to be false). The Defence Council of the Kaktus Republic immediately met to discuss their plans. Soon, massive troop movements were detected throughout the northwest, and shortly after martial law was declared in the Cactan city of Frostbite. All of a sudden, the mayor of Carnoustie declared that he wanted the escalation to stop, and immediately went into negotiations with President Cacto of the Kaktus Republic. Hours later, a cease-fire deal was released. The city of Frostbite stayed under martial law after the ceasefire, as well as the 200,000 soldiers which stayed stationed around Carnoustie. Both sides were acutely aware that one error may send most of the world to war.

Treaty Of Carnoustie

The treaty of Carnoustie was conducted and ratified by both CaptainObi and Cact0, and was also ratified by Pearl Coast. The terms where as follows:

  • Carnoustie may not put military vehicles outside of a 500 radius circle around Carnoustie, which is an act of war against the entire Kaktus republic.
  • The Kaktus Republic gets a base anywhere around Carnoustie but more than 500 blocks away, in which the only military equipment allowed is tanks and railguns

Declaration of War

Tensions escalated once again when the Kaktus Republic was constructing the base. A miscommunication resulted in the KRGDF and the NAF stationing a nuclear weapon in the base, which Carnoustie said was a violation of the treaty. At 11:20 AM Sunshine Coast time, multiple bomber aircraft originating in Carnoustie dropped explosives on the base, therefore breaking the cease fire. At 11:25 AM, the President of the Kaktus Republic declared war on Carnoustie. Multiple missiles were launched from a facility in the KR city of Navaus. It was during this time that plans for more military bases owned by the Kaktus Republic were to be made, including one in the town of Birchwood, which had been an ally with the Kaktus Republic since the city of Sunshine Coast began. With the missiles incoming, Carnoustie was forced to agree to join Montego, causing riots in the city. The missiles were deactivated, presumably by changing their course to the sea and disabling the explosives.

The Carnoustie Civil War

At around 19:00 GMT on the 10th of April 2019, a civil war erupted in Carnoustie, between two of the major government parties. In the chaos, Johngi ran his car into the wall of CCY and flew a Michigana plane to Sunshine Coast.