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Theatre District is one of the seven districts of Spawn City, capital of the MRT Server. It primarily features entertainment venues such as theatres (as the name suggests). As part of Spawn City, multiple people have worked on the area in its time but the district is currently being managed by _MajorMagpie_ who has headed redevelopment of the area as part of the Spawn City Delag project.

The district is home to three large theatres, a cinema and a TV production studio, as well as other unrelated builds as part of Spawn City.


Theatre District has existed from the early days of the server. Early on in its history, the theatre district had mostly been empty with the newly growing Spawn City to the North and development of the Industrial District to the South. The Theatre district came to be after the number of theatres and other entertainment venues in the area.

One of the first theatres built there was by _MajorMagpie_ who went on to build the larger theatre at  Y19  Amphitheatre Station. This was followed by another two theatres, including one by computerghost who moved his theatre there from Greater West Spawn. A large cinema was also built on the opposite of the station.

These builds gave the nearby station of  B14  Y16  its name of the Theatre district, which it remains today.

Cinema Complex

Known as Spawn City Cinema, the multi-screen movie theatre at Theatre District is the largest of its kind on the server. The theatre was built by thomasfyfe who has also built a few smaller cinemas in other towns based on Spawn City Cinema's design. The cinema was based off various cinemas thomasfyfe had been to and was inspired by his general passion for movies.

The cinema has a variety of screen sizes including 4 medium sized screens, 1 small screen, and a large screen which is larger than all other screens combined. The large screen dubbed the "Imax" screen allows for detailed images using blocks as pixels.

The current movies being shown at Spawn City Cinema include: The Dark Knight (Imax screen), Ghostbusters and Back to the Future.

As well as showing movies, the cinema also has a food court situated above the foyer. There are a number of restaurants and over-the-counter food servers available as well as a large seating area.

Theatre Populaire

Theatre Populaire was the first Theatre built in the area now known as Theatre District, it was built by _MajorMagpie_.

ComputerGhost's Theatre

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Theatre for the Performing Arts

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KM Theatre

KM Theatre was a collaborated build by _MajorMagpie_ and kekkomatic hence the name KM. The Theatre has a fairly small, one tiered auditorium, a restaurant and a drama studio.