Thomas Meunier San Francisco City Airport

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Thomas Meunier San Francisco City Airport

San Francisco City Airport
The airport in November 2022.
Airport typeAirfield
Owner/OperatorCity of San Francisco
ServesSan Francisco, San Francisco Metropolitan Area
LocationNorthwest Zeta
Hub forContinental Airlines
BuiltNovember 2022
Direction Length Surface
ft m
36/18 82 Stone, Andesite

Thomas Meunier San Francisco City Airport (IATA: YST, ICAO: KYST), also referred to as San Francisco City Airport, is an airfield located near Ridgewharf, San Francisco. The airport is named after Thomas Meunier, a footballer. The airport was named by ondist, who won the bid to become a sponsor. It is the northern most airport in West Zeta, alongside Las Playas International Airport and Ardaman Chief Keef International Airport.


Airline Destination
Air Kanata New Mayton City International Airport, George Jetson Cornwall City Airport
Continental Airlines Charles Pearson New Mayton City Eastlake Airport, Miu Wan Tseng Tsz Leng International Airport, Riverside Airport, Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport, Segville International Airport, Antioch-Bay Point Garvey International Airport
Southeastern Airways Nuuk-Watford Regional Airport
Raiko Airlines George Jetson Cornwall City Airport, Broville Airfield
Sweetberry Airlines
rosa Polytan International Airport
KMA Antioch-Bay Point Garvey International Airport, Ardaman Chief Keef International Airport, Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport
Astrella Peacopolis International Airport, Miu Wan Tseng Tsz Leng International Airport, Murrville-Arcadia International Airport

Request Gates

I did a random choice wheel to decide the winners. Then I realized ondist gets a gate too, so sorry frog :(

Username Airline Destination(s) Approved?
__7d Astrella PCE MWT MAX Approved
worrski aero DBI
Kr4ka, michabos KMA ABG ARD LAR Approved
frogggggg National Airlines TCB PDA
STthecat JiffyAir PFR