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2020-04-29 21.17.32.png
Town Staff
Mayor ModernArt
Deputy Mayor frogggggg
MPO New Caledonia
N/A Coming Soon™
Other Information
Building Style(s) Modern, Present
Town Rank Unranked
Date Founded 1st of Marchth, 2020
Language(s) English, Spanish
Currency £ (Norwestian Pound)
Driving Side Left
Population 1

Thurso, also called by its colonial name as New Norwest is a new town founded by ModernArt in the Zeta New World region. It is in the MPO of New Caledonia and has been established on the 1st of March 2020 at the advent of Zeta. It contains the St Vincent Catholic Church, Instant Ribbits, Sans Inn Express and others. (Page under Construction) Infobox by MikeRoma