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Alert.png This page is outdated and will be fixed probably not too soon. :P But atleast we got Governor!

About Titsensaki

Town Officials
Mayor frogggggg
Deputy Mayor ModernArt
Founder frogggggg
Town Councillors UNET Members
MRT  NE18  Titsensaki  NE17  Foobar
Bus tBus
Roadways B26
Water TAP
Nearest Airport Titsensaki Rgn'l Airport
Rail Lets just say, alot
Other transit tMetro
Facts and Figures
Population Over 10 :P
Town Hall Coordinates XYZ 9705.961 / 63.00000 / -9572.475
Founded Nov. 4th 2016
Recognized as town Nov. 20th 2016
Town Rank [Governor]
Official Language(s) Ribbit, English
World New
Post codes +71
Political Party Independent and Green
Ward(s) 2
City Phone Code +40


Dep. Mayor:ModernArt

MRT Station:NE18, NE17

Gov. System:Independant and Green

Drive Side:Right

The Type of Town:City-State

Founding Date:11/04/16

Current Rank:[Governor]

Other Facts:Titsensaki is a City State at NE18 which stands as the 2nd northern most city in the 1.8.8 period of the MRT Server. It contains a current pop. of (?). The town contains a ferry port, a bus terminal, and an airfield. (Titsensaki Rgn'l Airport) Due to Titsensaki recently getting governor, the new Titsensaki Sealerwhale Airport will be made soon.

--frogggggg 14:17, 21 January 2017 (UTC)

Our Airline:FernAir


TMetro Map2.jpeg

•The Timetables will be updates soon.

•Border station is not on the map due to its Low ridership and Low train frequency.

Ribbit Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png Beach Frog Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png Grain Hill No connections
Dynmap Construction.png East Titsensaki (under construction) No connections
Service Indev.png Southern Heights (in development) Frog Line, Slime Line

Frog Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png Beach (under construction) Ribbit Line
Dynmap Construction.png Ladderage (under construction) No connections
Dynmap Construction.png Rivermouth (under construction) No connections
Service Indev.png Southern Heights (in development) Ribbit Line, Slime Line

Slime Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png Palm Shores (planned) Hop Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png Arctus Tram
Dynmap Green Flag.png Salestown No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png Southern Heights Ribbit Line, Frog Line

Hop Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png Palm Shores (under construction) Slime Line
Service Indev.png Border (in development) No connections
Service Indev.png Ironhill* (in development) No connections
Dynmap Construction.png North City (under construction) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png South City (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png Unknown Name (planned) No connections
Dynmap Construction.png Airport (under construction) No connections
Dynmap Construction.png Rincon (under construction) Tram

* = Ironhill station will go walking distance to Beach and will replace Upper Mainlands, as it says on the map.

Titsensaki Road


Black = Open/Built Road

Yellow = Official Highway (In this case, B21)

Grey = U/C Road

Blue = Titsensaki Border

  • Some road name changes/new roads has been added. This map is not up to date.

This city is a proud member ofTronc.png