Titsensaki Ribbits

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Titsensaki Ribbits
Regular season (2023)1st
Playoffs (2023)Final (champions)
Home StadiumGrain Arena
OwnerToad Ribbit

The Titsensaki Ribbits is a spleef team based in Titsensaki. It was founded in 2017 and played in the first Major League Spleef (MLS) season, finishing with just 9 points. It did not participate in the 2018 or 2019 seasons, but came back and won the championship in the 2020 Major League Spleef season. The Ribbits most recently finished the 2021 season, finishing 3rd on the ladder and coming runner-up in the finals. Titsensaki play their home games in the Grain Arena.


The Titsensaki Ribbits were originally founded in 2017 to play in the Major League Spleef, but due to economic concerns after doing badly in the season, they did not play in the 2018 or 2019 season. In the 2017 season, they played 11 games, winning 3 and losing 11, finishing with just 9 points. The Ribbits commissioned the construction of Titsensaki's first spleef arena, the Grain Arena, which currently hosts the team to this day. However, low seat numbers and lack of room to expand caused the need to construct a second arena for higher capacity games. This led to the construction of the Squarish Arena, in Squarish, Titsensaki, which hosts most playoff games for the Ribbits.

2017 season

After playing 11 games, the Ribbits did not have the funds to field more players. Similar problems with other teams in the first season caused it to end early, and a few teams had to pull out of the next season, including the Titsensaki Ribbits. The team was in debt by $102 million dollars, and no one invested in the team until 2019, where it was too late to enroll for the season and had to wait until 2020.

2020 season

The 2020 season was very successful for the Ribbits. After a close series with the City-State of Kitania early on in the series, MBS was interested in the team. After shareholders Time Makemymove and Moss Ee retracted their stakes in the club, Toad Ribbit bought full ownership of the team in 2019 for $30 million. Despite still being in debt, the MBS broadcasts and high attendance saw the Ribbits break even within just one month of the season. Despite this being their second season in the MLS, they were still considered rookies due to the bad record in 2017. The Ribbits were able to hold a record breaking 22-game win streak that lasted from the win in the split series against Radiance Square and the loss to Millville in 2021. They ended the 2020 season after playing 33 games with 25 wins and 8 losses, totaling 50 points, the most of any team in any season up to this point until wins were worth 3 points the following season. After earning 1st seed, they swept past the playoffs beating Kitania in the championship game 5-3 and 4-0 respectively, becoming champions.

2021 season

Expectations were high for the Ribbits in 2021. They started out a little rough in the start of the season after getting swept in a series against newcomers Millville, ending their 22-game MLS win streak (not including other tournaments). After a few more losses and the coach's job on the line, tactical changes led to an 11-game win streak before the start of the playoffs. In the home and away season, they played 32 games, winning 24 and losing 8, almost exactly matching their record from the previous season. With the new point tallying system, they finished in 3rd place with 71 points. The last two games of the season were cancelled for the Ribbits, which would've been the series between Titsensaki and Shadowpoint, but due to scheduling conflicts and the fact that the game would not affect the standings, it was decided that it would not take place. After a tense run, they ended up losing 2-0 in games to first seed Lapis Bay.

2022 season

The Ribbits completed the 2022 regular season in 3rd place. After sweeping the Winterside Penguins in the semifinals, they lost 2-1 in games to again first seed Lapis Bay. The Ribbits finished this season with 11 wins and 3 loses, only splitting one series, and only playing 14 games due to scheduling conflicts which plagued the entire season for all teams. Despite finishing third, this was the Ribbits' lowest placement since the 2017 season, though the outcome still ended up being the same, and this was now their third time in a row making it to the Shovelers' Cup Final.

2023 season

The Ribbits will compete in the 2023 season after winning the 2023 Mons Pratus Spleef Tournament earlier in the year. Their first game will be against Kitania on May 24th at 10pm SGT.

Offseason Tournaments

The Ribbits have played in multiple offseason tournaments since it's founding. The first of which was the MRT Open Cup in 2017, in which they lost in the second round 4-0 to the Waverly Lobsters. On July 12, 2020, the Ribbits played in the 2020 Anniversary Spleef Invitational in Central City, coming second after losing to Kitania 4-2 in the final. They won multiple smaller offseason tournaments such as the Prismarine Games and Rockham Spleef Tournament. They also won the MLS-affiliated 2021 and 2023 Mons Pratus Spleef Tournament after beating Kitania 3-0 in regulation and 1-0 in overtime respectively.


The Titsensaki Ribbits have no large derbies, but do have some rivalries with other teams. Most notably, the City-State of Kitania. The Ribbits and Kitania have dominated the 2020 season, multiple tournaments, and are both doing relatively well in the current season. Because of this, they have met in the final many times and are the teams that have played against each other the most in MRT spleef history. Locally, the Ribbits have a rivalry against the Ashton Patches, who played in the 2017 and 2022 MLS seasons. They also have annual friendlies in Titsensaki to celebrate Peninsula National Day.

Home arenas

The Ribbits have played in the Grain Arena for all 4 years they have existed. It was constructed in the Grain Hill area of Titsensaki in 2017, below the Grain soccer field, which is now used for the TPSFL. The Grain Arena is one of two underground arenas in the MLS, the other being the East End Ice Ring. Due to the small capacity, the overground Squarish Arena was built. It hosted all home games for the Ribbits in the 2020 playoffs, but was found actually to be 2 blocks in length and width too small for regulation play during the 2021 playoff quarterfinal against Silverville, calling for renovations and the rest of the series to be played in the Grain Arena.

In late 2021, the Ribbits announced that they have retired their usage of the Squarish Arena and sold it to the Ashton Patches, as the Grain Arena would have a renovation which would include a higher capacity.