Tranquil Forest

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Tranquil Forest
Clockwise from top: CaptLincoln Memorial Clock Tower, Tranquil Forest Observation Tower, The first hvt's Arcade, TRONC Building, Tranquil Forest Central
Flag of Tranquil Forest.png
Flag of Tranquil Forest
Deputy Mayor_Kastle
Town recognition
Date foundedDecember 19, 2016
Date recognized as CouncillorJanuary 2, 2017
Date recognized as MayorJanuary 16, 2017
Date recognized as SenatorApril 1, 2018
Date recognized as GovernorMarch 9, 2022
Town hall coordinates9335, 65, 7136
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 4
Post code(s)TF4
Road connectionsA50
Air facilitiesTranquil Forest Airfield
Dance Dance Revolution International Airport (planned)
Bus facilitiesTranquil Forest BluBus Terminal
Tranquil Forest IKEAlink Terminal
Rail facilitiesTranquil Forest Central
No. of buildings80+
Landmark(s)Tranquil Forest Central

Tranquil Forest is a Governor city founded and owned by hvt2011, located in southeastern Gamma on the New World. Tranquil Forest's main goal is to become the transportation hub and gateway to the southeast. Tranquil Forest Central, Tranquil Forest BluBus Terminal, and Tranquil Forest Airfield bring Tranquil Forest closer to achieving that goal.

Tranquil Forest was briefly owned by SansNotLuigi.


The beginning

Tranquil Forest was founded on December 19, 2016, shortly after hvt2011 gained membership. On the first day, hvt2011 envisioned Tranquil Forest as becoming a transport supercenter for the southeast Gamma region. Tranquil Forest Metro would be the foundation for this, ensuring the city had a strong transit backbone. These plans were put on hold shortly as the server transitioned into the Epsilon era. After a few weeks of building up the town, hvt2011 sought out endorsements for Councillor and obtained the rank on January 2, 2017. The rank of Mayor was obtained shortly after, on January 16, 2017. At this point, hvt2011 wanted to build a large train station that rivaled Zaquar Tanzanite Station, a warp rail station in Zaquar that was rebuilt to have 42 tracks. The plan for Tranquil Forest Central was created with 32 warp train tracks and 16 minecart tracks.

Tranquil Forest Central plan

Tranquil Forest Central was an ambitious project that required Tranquil Forest to obtain the rank of Senator. hvt2011 built the station in his lab with this in mind, as Mayor towns were only permitted to have one warp train line to another town. This allowed Fred Rail to operate one train to Wythern as a short shuttle to the rest of the New World. In addition, hvt2011 shifted focus off of Tranquil Forest onto BluRail, as warp train companies began to gain traction. After a few months of building and planning BluRail, hvt2011 realized once again that Tranquil Forest Central was a much needed station in order to join the entire BluRail network together. Focus was once again placed on Tranquil Forest in order to obtain Senator to paste in the station. However, shortly after focus was put back on the town, the 2017 April GSM changed how many connections a town could have to unlimited. hvt2011 quickly took note of this and pasted the station in on the night of April 9, 2017. Fred Rail trains were rerouted underground from their temporary station in place of Tranquil Forest Central. hvt2011 once again shifted focus back onto BluRail and connecting Tranquil Forest to rest of the world.

Airline boom

As 2017 went on, construction in Tranquil Forest continued slowly, as hvt2011 had no reason to obtain Senator at the time. However, in late 2017, hvt2011 founded the airline BluAir to hop onto the trend of creating new airlines. This became much more of a main project as 2017 went on and hvt2011 quickly set up many flights. He realized, however, that in order to grow an airline with speed, he would need to build an airfield to hub at. He decided to submit Tranquil Forest for Senator in its current state to see what would need to be improved in the town. Tranquil Forest was submitted for review in City Rank Promotion Batch 21 and was denied for promotion on February 1, 2018 by a vote of 1 For to 7 Against. Work was once again put into Tranquil Forest to make it a worthy Senator town. More buildings were built and the two disjointed parts of the town were connected better. hvt2011 submitted Tranquil Forest for review again in City Rank Promotion Batch 23 and was promoted on April 1, 2018 by a unanimous 5 to 0 vote. Tranquil Forest Airfield was pasted in immediately, as hvt2011 had already built the airfield in the lab, anticipating promotion.

The end?

After Tranquil Forest obtained the rank of Senator, development in the city languished, as hvt2011 didn't really have motivation to obtain Governor. In his eyes, Governor was only used to create a large airport, and Tranquil Forest Airfield had already provided an ample hub for BluAir. Gates quickly became occupied, as BluAir had already planned many flights to Tranquil Forest to connect it to more cities, and before long, BluAir had reached capacity at Tranquil Forest. An airfield rebuild to elevate the runway and gates, while keeping the terminal under it was completed in November 2018, adding another 14 slots to BluAir's capacity. hvt2011 stopped working on Tranquil Forest and once again focused on BluAir and BluRail. When Modgate occurred in October 2020, hvt2011 gave Tranquil Forest away to SansNotLuigi with the intention of leaving the server. However, as more details were uncovered, hvt2011 eventually came back to the server after a month or so of being absent.


The BluRail Museum in Tranquil Forest, located in the southeast of the city
The Wordle Center in Tranquil Forest, featuring past Wordles and their puzzle number.

Throughout the start of 2021, hvt2011 had no will to work on Tranquil Forest, nor was he able to. In March, however, hvt2011 asked SansNotLuigi to transfer the city back in order to continue development in the city. A new goal had emerged to enhance transport in the southeastern region of the New World: Dance Dance Revolution International Airport, a large international airport that would become the cornerstone of Tranquil Forest's air network. To obtain this goal, hvt2011 began vigorously working on the city, adding in the BluRail Museum, Tranquil Forest Amphitheater, as well as many specialized shops near the spleef arena, such as the Wordle Cente and Amongi Worship Center. Tranquil Forest was submitted for Governor on February 24, 2022, and was approved for promotion to Governor on March 9, 2022 by a vote of 4 For to 2 Against.

Today, Tranquil Forest continues to be a large transport hub for the southeast of the New World, with over 15 rail lines and 30 flights from its transport facilities.

On November 20, 2023, Tranquil Forest Metro ceased operations.


Tranquil Forest is located in southeasten Gamma, north of P40 station on the MRT Plains Line. It is also located in Ward 4. Tranquil Forest is in a more mountainous taiga biome, with flatter plains towards the south of the city. Tranquil Forest was founded in the mountainous taiga before expanding towards the plains biome.

Tranquil Forest's nearest neighbors include the town of Dulwich, Mojang Grove, and Silent Plains, all located to the south. Tranquil Forest does not have any valid water connections.


Tranquil Forest has over 80 builds. The large blue skyscrapers and buildings in the northwestern part of the town have been archived. Before their archival, hvt2011 would update the buildings with any changes to the BluRail and BluAir network, as that was the purpose of those buildings.

Some iconic buildings in the city include the first hvt's Arcade, Tranquil Forest Central, Tranquil Forest Observation Tower, and the TRONC building. The city is also home to the only BluRail Museum in existence.

Most buildings in Tranquil Forest are created with a dark oak or quartz pallet, to create the town's vibe.


The city has many transit connections out of the city, with a majority operated by BluTransit. Tranquil Forest Central serves as the only rail station in the city, centralizing train operations within the city. The same holds true with Tranquil Forest Airfield, but for air travel. The two bus stations in Tranquil Forest are located in the southwestern outskirts of the town and are often forgotten about due to their location.

Tranquil Forest also plans to have an additional air facility built, named Dance Dance Revolution International Airport after the dance game that hvt2011 enjoys playing.