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Transport Pixl
Founded 2016
Department of Pixl
A map of Pixl's rail lines. (Map designed by CaptainObi))
A map of Pixl's highway network.
Esti Mi - Unity Station, located at Unity Dr. and Hwy-10

Transport Pixl (previously stylized as transportPixl) is the department within the government of Pixl which is responsible for developing regulations, policies and services of transportation in Pixl. Transport Pixl works in conjunction with the Pixl Border Services Agency, the Pixl Air Transport Security Authority, and the local police to ensure the safety of all passengers.


Transport Pixl is involved in the planning, construction, and operation of transit services within Pixl, both consumer and industrial. Rail, Air, and Sea transport is maintained and regulated by Transport Pixl. Within Pixl, the department plans and builds domestic transport services, such as Pixl Rail, Esti Mi lines in Pixl, Airports, and Docks. Commercial ventures in Pixl, such as warp rail, must be approved by Transport Pixl, and is subject to Transport Pixl rules and regulation.

Pixl Rail

Pixl Rail was a hybrid rail network, combining standard minecart transport between stations, and warp rail between larger hub stations. Due to various internal factors, the majority of the project was shelved and all that remains is 2 smaller minecart lines, the Grey Line, and Pink Line (under construction).

Esti Mi

Esti Mi is Pixl's subway network. The Esti Mi network was created by EstiNet, a joint transit provider for the Estify Region. Line 6 Avenue (Lime) was the first line to be completed in Pixl. This is to be followed by Line 13 Enili (Cyan), and Line 1 Genesis. Lines 1 and 6 are north/south lines that cross into Pixl from Espil, and as such only the section of the lines in Pixl are operated by Transport Pixl.

Pixl Vinayaka International Airport

Pixl Vinayaka is Pixl's airport. Currently, Terminal 1 is fully built and operational. Terminal 1 is a smaller, airfield sized terminal. Nevertheless, it's terminal building contains all the necessary features (such as security screening areas, baggage systems, etc) of a dull fledged Airport. When possible, Transport Pixl plans to expand the airport with Terminal 2, a larger, fully sized airport terminal.


Transport Pixl maintains a few bus routes, mostly consisting of express shuttles. Some routes include a shuttle from MRT C83 Station to Downtown Pixl (Pixl Rd), and a shuttle from Pixl Vinayaka to Espil Ecilidae Airport.

Third-party Transport

Pixl is connected to the world by various third-party transport options. Pixl is serviced by RaiLinQ and BluRail.


Transport Pixl maintains and extensive road infrastructure. While local roads are the responsibility of the regional municipality, Transport Pixl maintains Pixl's Highway network. This includes small roads spanning Pixl (100 Series), and large, inter-city freeways (400 Series, part of the MRT A/B Highway network).