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Transport for Rockham are the agency responsible for most public transport services provided in Rockham and surrounding towns. TFR maintains the roads and railways which is services run on.



Main Article: Rockham Metro

TFR is responsible for the running of the metro system, as well as maintaining the stations it stops at.


Main Article: Rockham Busses

TFR also runs a smaller bus service, which connects areas which it cant by rail.


Main Article: Rockham Trams

Trams operate in Rockham. for Administrative purposes, this is legally a division of ValleyConnect.


Main Article: B431

TFR is responsible for maintaining the B431 between Junctions 5 and Junctions 7.

National Rail

Main Article: ValleyConnect

TFR owns ValleyConnect as is main rail operator. It also manages stations on the National Network.

Stations managed by TFR