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Transport for MRT is a rail line operator company, founded by logiblocs and owned by LogiCorp. It currently has two lines under construction but both are partly operational.



There are four main types of TFM Stations.

  • TFM-1 Which is an old quartz-based design with full features, but not the best aesthetics. It is longer rather than wider and is used in some places in TFM Lines.
  • TFM-2 has the same functionality as the older TFM-1 Design but with better aesthetics. It is used for all new underground stations.
  • TFM-3 is the latest breed of TFM designs. Currently only an overground design has been made. It features simpler redstone with nicer aesthetics. All TFM Overground stations use this design
  • TFM-MINI is used where TFM has to adapt into a preixisting flat layout. Unlike the other three designs, it uses a flat piston launch. The functionality is only cart call and cart launch, but there are certain scenarios where it is used. It is also used by NET Rail.


The District Line (TFMD) is a circular line around Spawn. The line is connected in a loop at Arlington and Crystal City and has some HyperSpeed segments from MineCity to Arlington, and Bloomington West Central to Crystal City. All lines are being upgraded to use the latest TFM technology.

The Central Line (TFMC) is goes West from Spawn City Transit Centre to Atlantis with the main aim of increasing transit access to Arlington.

District Line  TFMD 

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png TFMD-1 Arlington  ARR 
Dynmap Green Flag.png TFMD-2 Harbourfront Boardwalk No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png TFMD-3 Harbourfront  B 
Dynmap Green Flag.png TFMD-4 Cytus  B 
Dynmap Construction.png TFMD-5 Owasso (under construction)  Y 
Dynmap Construction.png TFMD-6 Bloomington East Central (under construction)  G   BMTA1   BMTA2   BMTA3   BMTA4   RHM 
Dynmap Construction.png TFMD-7 Crystal City (under construction)  R   EST 
Dynmap Construction.png TFMD-8 Ravenswood (under construction)  ARR 
Dynmap Construction.png TFMD-9 Inchmuir Central (under construction)  B   C   EST   ISN   ISN   ISN   ISN   N1   JDT   QVL   ARR   M2 
Dynmap Construction.png TFMD-10 MineCity (under construction)  DTS   BTR1   BTR3   M1   M2  QVL  

Central Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png TFM-C-1 SCTC No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png TFM-C-2 Oasis No connections
Dynmap Construction.png TFM-C-2 Hollis Swamps (under construction) No connections
Dynmap Construction.png TFM-C-4 Arlington (under construction) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png TFMC-5 Atlantis (planned) No connections