Tri Cities Transit

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Tri Cities Transit
President & Chairman woorich999
Jurisdiction Antioch
Bay Point
Primary Cities Served Antioch
Bay Point
Secondary Cities Served New Acreadium

Tri Cities Transit is a public transportation system in Antioch and Bay Point. It operates bus services and is managed by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.


Tri Cities Transit was formed in 1992 from the merger of three previous transit agencies: The City of Bay Point Trolley, Antioch City Bus, and Northern Regional Transportation Authority. The City of Bay Point Trolley was formed in 1943 as a city-owned bus line shuttling passengers between Bay Point Ferry Terminal and the Downtown. Antioch City Bus was created in 1958 after the city of Antioch bought out the then-Bankrupt Antioch Streetcar Lines who ran in the region from 1892 till its buyout in 1958. The Northern Regional Transportation Authority (NRTA) was formed in 1983 after the surrounding suburbs around Antioch grew steadily in the years before, the system was set up by the then newly created MTC who was formed to solve the region's gridlock and deteriorating transportation infrastructure. The NRTA had operated the local routes in Peripotamia and the regional express routes from Peripotamia and Takasaki to Antioch and a route from Antioch to New Acreadium. The three merged together as a plan from the board of the MTC to create a unified transit system for the region. In 2013, Tri Cities Transit began construction on a new Bus Rapid Transit corridor from the University of Antioch to New Acreadium. In 2018, Tri Cities Transit started to provide school supplemental service to Antioch High and Eastside High due to Antioch Unified School District's 2018 budget cuts that cut the school bus network that went to those two high schools. The school supplemental service routes were new branches of existing routes that would make an extra stop at nearby schools. Tri Cities Transit also gave out half price GO Cards to students of those two high schools.


Route Series Designation
0 - 99 Antioch Local Bus Service to/from Downtown Antioch
100 - 199 Antioch Local Bus Service not to/from Downtown Antioch
200 - 299 Suburban Local Bus Service
300 - 399
600 - 699 Contracted Shuttle Service
800 - 899 Shuttle Bus Service
900 - 999 Express/Commuter Bus Service
L Limited Stop Service
X Express Skip-Stop Service
1 Airfield MRT (ZN27)
Airfield Transit Center
Downtown MRT (ZN28) (🡹)
Highland/Canal (🡸)
Walnut/Highland (🡻)
PMWC Transit Center (🡺)
Lancaster/Canal (🡺)
1X Downtown MRT (ZN28) (🡹)
Highland/Canal (🡸)
Walnut/Highland (🡻)
PMWC Transit Center (🡺)
Lancaster/Canal (🡺)
Airfield Transit Center
2 PMWC Transit Center
City/Canal (WB Only)
Antioch City Hall (EB Only)
Antioch RailinQ (🡹)
Antioch Union Station Bus Terminal (🡻)
City Hall ART Art.png (🡸)
3 PMWC Transit Center
City/Canal (WB Only)
Antioch City Hall (EB Only)
City Hall ART Art.png
Eastside Center ART Art.png
5 PMWC Transit Center
Canal/Lancaster (NB Only)
Olympic Park
6 Diamond Bar ART Art.png
7A Bay Point ART Art.png
7B Antioch IKEA
105 Story / Sierra

Eastside Center Art.png
Eastside High

115 Sierra / Story
Eastside Center Art.png
201 Peripotamia RailinQ RaiLinQ logo.png
Peripotamia City Hall
Peripotamia Suburbs
Peripotamia Bus Station
202 Peripotamia RailinQ RaiLinQ logo.png
Peripotamia City Hall
Peripotamia Mall (NB Only)
Peripotamia BluRail Station
203 Peripotamia Bus Station
Peripotamia Mega Warehouse
205 Antioch - Peripotamia MacIntyre International Airport
Peripotamia RailinQ RaiLinQ logo.png
900 PMWC Transit Center
Peripotamia Bus Station
910 PMWC Transit Center
Verdstrand Transit Center
600 Antioch Regional Airfield (🡹)
Airfield MRT (ZN27) (🡻)
Silver Streak Transit Center (🡸)
This Route Operated As AirBus and is FREE to Ride


Antioch Rapid
New Acreadium, Schiphol International Airport
Antioch, ACU Arena
Antioch, Convention Center
Antioch, IKEA
Antioch-Bay Point Garvey International Airport


901 Antioch Bus Station
New Acreadium Central
902 Antioch Bus Station
Antioch Southern Mall

Former Routes

Route Stops Reason
3L PMWC Transit Center
City Hall ART
Eastside Center
Peripotamia Park n Ride
Eastside ART Extension Replaced This Service
985 Peripotamia Bus Station
Antioch Airfield
Low Ridership
903 PMWC Transit Center
Eastside High School
Eastside ART Extension Replaced This Service

Frequency Tables



Map of Bus Service in Peripotamia