Tribiome Island

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Tribiome Island is a region located in the southeast of the New World. The island is divided into three biomes (a savanah, an oak forest and an ice plain) It was originally given the name as there were theories that it was an island before the Epsilon expansion.  I24 ,  I25 ,  I26  and  I27  are located on the island.


Tribiome Island was discovered in 2014 during the summer when the staff was looking for a good seed to build the New World. When Gamma's seed was chosen, New World MRT System's construction started. This part of the Island line was built by _frozen. Nobody knows who gave its name to Tribiome Island. When Gamma opened small towns were built at  I25  and  I27  but their owners became inactive. Several months later Prempolis was founded at  I24  by Duechapol. It was finally given to mine_man_ to extend their city of Elecna Bay. In late 2015, Fort Yaxier was founded on a small secondary island by camelfantasy, and has since expanded to the majority of the original island including the 3 end stations.

Major Cities


Note: all pictures taken August 26, 2016 and reflect the areas as they were then.


Defense around Fort Yaxier is provided by the Formosa Armed Forces.





Yaxier Saikaidō Waterport


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