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True City

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True City
Town Officials
Mayor littlegopher1
MRT  R9  Silver Spring
Facts and Figures
Population 5
Town Hall Coordinates 995,65,-90
Founded 15th June, 2013
Recognized as town 26th June, 2013

True City is a town founded by littlegopher1, located outside of  R9  Silver Spring as an simple town. True City is a fast growing metropolis and many companies around the MRT have been invited to the town to establish their business their. Ranging from Creepers Cookies & Cakes to Mike's Records, this town has a lot of shops to choose from.


  • A residential area
  • All emergency services, Police and Fire, plus EMS to come!
  • Mandela Station
  • Plenty of shops and restaurants
  • One office tower plus 5 more to be soon built at the Mandela Square

Central District

This is the main district of True City housing the key components to the city's functions. Also the original district, it includes Main Street, the town hall and more! Here is a full list of builds here:

  • True Tower
  • Mike's Records
  • ChiselPicks
  • True City Library
  • Creepers Cookies & Cakes
  • True City's Police and Fire Departments
  • Public Swimming Pool
  • Town Hall
  • True City Guestbook
  • Public Park
  • BlockMart
  • Amarket
  • True City Chisel's Football Stadium(Under Construction)
  • True City Art Gallery

Financial District

This will ultimately be the business and main office area of True City with many skyscrapers and roads planned. There will probably at least 3 streets making up this district. Here is a planned list of builds:

  • Dave Towers-A complex of four sub-towers encompassing one main tower.
  • True City Mail Centre-This is going to be a extension of the main MRT Mail Centre where you can deposit mail here to be delivered to any member with a P.O. Box.
  • True City Management Building -This will soon be a tower that will include town official's respective offices, power station, and sewage systems.

Waterfront District

This is another district of True City which is really, on the water. It includes a dock area and plaza for tourist shopping. Currently a crane for cargo and a firework launching area are under-construction.

  • Waterfront Plaza
  • Cargo Dock

Town Revitalization Project

This ongoing project is going to improve and expand True City to its upmost potential.

  • Re-Surface streets from wool to black stained clay: Progress 100%
  • Build a park with a, Fireworks Area, Beach, Small Forest and a clock tower: Progress: 25%
  • Build bus stops

Claiming Land

True City is glad to accommodate all members of the MRT's building needs! But there are still rules about building in True City to keep everything in order. If you would like to build in True City please contact Littlegopher1 either through chat or by MRT Mail. Please take these statement into account before contacting him.

  • How much space do you need?
  • Will it comply with the Server's building rules?
  • Is it modern or rustic (Old-Fashioned) styled?

There will also soon be plots of land in which you can claim and build on without Littlegopher1's permission. These will be marked by Orange Clay and come in all shapes and sizes. Do Note that incomplete builds will be removed off these plots after 2 weeks of un-activity.