United States of the East

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United States of the East

Eastern States

Use flag.png
Anthem"You're a Grand Old Flag"
Capital cityEsteson DC
Largest citySanta Gloria
Official languageEnglish (nationally)
Differs per state
Presidentfrogggggg (Green)
Vice PresidentModernArt (Green)
House SpeakerNeedn_NL (Neutral)
Other info
Territory25 occupied states

20 unclaimed states
1 federal capital

1 overseas territorial claim
Founded13 August 2021
CurrencyMRT Dollar (MRT$)
Legislature: CongressLower: House of Representatives
Higher: Senate
Time zoneMRT+10/MRT+12
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideRight

The United States of the East (USE), sometimes referred to as the Eastern States, is a region situated in the eastern sector of the Zeta region of the New World. It consists of 45 states, a federal capital, and a territorial exclave. Its capital city is Esteson DC, and its largest city is Santa Gloria.


The name came from the United States of America, the primary source of inspiration behind the country. Most elements are based on the real life US, such as government and flag. The "East" part refers to the geographical relation of the area to Central City, the most central point on the New World.


The United States was founded by AirplaneNiner on August 13, 2021, as a new type of MPO with predrawn states that could be claimed. Airplane himself claimed his first state Elizabeth (LZ), founding the state capital Piper as the first settlement in the USE. Many expressed interest in the new idea, and within 10 minutes, two states had been claimed: Conroy by frogggggg, and Pantai by mi_aquamarine. Before long, many players wanted to claim new states, and slowly the map grew and grew.

The meeting on 14 August in the House of Reps in Monray

Within 6 hours, 6 new states had been claimed: New England by ModernArt, Midbay by Krakabraka, Sarayana by fork_07, Kyushu by HarborRandom852, Greenland by _Ludus, and Mariana by PaintedBlue. The rapid growth of the USE saw even more states, as well as organization. Parties were established, with an initial duopoly system being rejected in favor of an open party system. A few ministries were established as well.

Soon after, the state of Lazona, claimed by kingsnake1, was admitted into the USE. Shortly after was the state of Shanthi, by Noahrebl, the state that was the 10th state to join. The last state to join on that day was Saint Lazare, owned by Weier.

The next day, eight new states were formed: Kagu by Needn_NL, West Kagu by Frosty_Creeper10, Savannastan by Purrcat2010, Axolston by Hightech_TR, Lomonaco by Freskooo, Kawasaki by Johngi, Desolet by Wipeout111, and Azurite by chimata. That day, a meeting of the governors, the Vice President, the President, and other top ranking officials occurred in the important city of Monray. Many pressing matters, such as transportation, were discussed in the hour long meeting. At the meeting, the national anthem was played for the very first time. Also at the meeting, the House of Reps voted 6-2 for West Kagu to merge with Kagu, effectively bringing down the state count by one.

The first three airlines were founded as well: East Air by frogggggg, Federal Air by AirplaneNiner, and Zeta Air by AirplaneNiner, later passed on to PaintedBlue. The USE resolved to commit to the thriving of the elytra airline and elytraport industry, then a small one on the MRT. Later on, a few cruise ship companies announced that they would be moving some ships to homeport in the USE, including half of Festival Cruise Line's fleet, and the largest ship in the world at the time, Nansei Cruise Lines' Lake Jade.

On 15 August 2021, the 20th state to be claimed, Forestan, was admitted into the USE. It was claimed by Minecraft252. The same day, the first fast food outlet to be founded within the USE, Betty's Burgers, was opened in Piper. On 16 August, a full list of the motions from 14 August were published, with players allowed to suggest new proposals. Also on this day, the 21st, 22nd and 23rd states, joined the USE: Crossvalley, claimed by i____7d; Qahil, claimed by ondist, and San Westen, claimed by CaptainObi.

On August 17, the new election period began for the August 2021 elections. New states were claimed on August 24 (Navassa by Crafterboi500) and 26 (Oracion by HyraxNixus). After a gruelling election period, plus a presidential debate, which was the first meeting to be livestreamed, the Green Party managed to win the elections with 9 votes. President frogggggg and Vice President ModernArt were sworn in at the very first Senate meeting on August 31. This meeting was the very first meeting to have an agenda (something that was voted upon in the last meeting), and more important matters such as potential powers of the President, an IAT system for states and the ability to view amendments to a proposed bill were discussed. Another meeting was held on September 4, the second HoR meeting, where the judiciary was formed for the first time.

On September 19, the 26th state, Haivillian by LabCylian was claimed. This was joined by 18 new unclaimed states, as per the previous meetings.

On October 16, the USE bade farewell to the state of Shanthi, which had decided to leave. This did cause a bit of concern as to the specifics of the secession, and an emergency meeting was convened just one day after the scheduled HoR meeting for that month, the first time an emergency meeting had been held in-game.


The geography of the United States varies wildly. The USE covers a large area, and as such, many different flora, fauna and landscapes can be found. Approximately 40% of the land is made up of savannah, a further 35% of desert, and the last 25% of other biomes, including forests and plains.

Desolet Desert

Mount Elizabeth, near Piper, LZ

The Desolet Desert is a mostly inhospitable barren area located to the northwest of the USE. It covers 11 states, including Conroy, Elizabeth, Axolston, and of course, Desolet, the state it was named after. It features flat terrain at times, but occasionally hilly terrain is also formed where there are tectonic fault lines. One such hill is Mount Elizabeth, located north of Piper, LZ. Its north side is relatively easy for climbers, but its south side is notoriously difficult, even for experienced climbers. Oryctolagus desoleti (Desolet rabbit) can be found here in abundance.

Other deserts include the Lomonaco Desert and Kawasaki Desert, each located in their respective states.



While there hasn't been an official census count yet, there are an estimated 650,000 people living in the USE. These are made up of around 45% immigrants from Nansei-Gunto, 20% immigrants from other areas, and 35% indigenous peoples. An estimated 34% of the population are living in poverty, while 27% are unemployed.

Health and education

Health and standard of living is generally better the more eastern the state. For example, the state of Mariana has a life expectancy of 77, while Conroy has a life expectancy of 49. It should be noted that Conroy has lower life expectancies than its neighbors Elizabeth (55), Kagu (62) and Axolston (58). An initiative to construct more hospitals and pharmacies has been underway. The USE has old age and disability pensions, however the pension amount varies by state, between $300-$2000/month.

There are many educational systems in the USE, regulated by the Government and Minister of Education. All children are required to attend schooling between the ages of four and 18. Kindergarten occurs between ages four to six. Elementary school begins at age six, and ends at age 11, middle school until age 14, and secondary school until age 18. Around 42% of those who finished secondary schooling study towards a tertiary education in a university or college. The education system in the USE is rated as 'average', ranging from 'excellent' in Midbay, Mariana, and Lazona, to 'very poor' in Conroy and Desolet. On average, 6 school shootings occur every year in the USE, down from 14 in 2000, and 28 fatalities occur at schools, from 55 in 2000. Similar to health, education is generally better the more eastern the state.


The USE is a federal presidential republic, and is described as a 'flawed democracy'. The federal government is composed of three branches:

  • Legislative: consists of Congress, made up of the Senate (upper) and the House of Representatives (lower). It makes federal law, declares war, approves treaties, and has the power of impeachment, by which it can remove sitting members of the government.
  • Executive: consists of the President and the Vice President. The President is the chief-in-command of the United States Army, can veto bills before they are signed into law, and can approve officers and ministers into Congress.
  • Judicial: consists of the Supreme Court. Judges are appointed by the Senate.
Office of the USE
Term President Vice President Party Started Ended
Temp AirplaneNiner ModernArt Federal


August 13, 2021 August 31, 2021
1 frogggggg ModernArt Green August 31, 2021 December 31, 2021
2 ModernArt frogggggg Green December 31, 2021 -


The USE consists of an open-party democratic system. Members of a party can vote a leader to run for President for their party. The Leader of the Opposition is the leader of second place.

Parties of the USE
Name Leader Code Seats
Neutral N/A NEU 7
Green Party frogggggg GRN 9
Progressive Party fork_07 PRG 3
Social Democratic Party Purrcat2010 SDP 3
Social Liberal Party PaintedBlue SLP -
Republic Party of the East Frosty_Creeper10 RPE 2
Decision Party Wipeout111 DEC 3
Communist Party _Ludus CSP 1


Elections take place every six months for the President and Vice President, as well as Cabinet. The next election is set to take place between December 25-30, 2021, with the run-up period beginning on December 20, and the presidential debate occuring on December 23 and December 27. The next President and Vice President will be sworn in on December 31, 2021.

Election of August 2021
Party Pres. Candidate VP Candidate Votes
Green Party frogggggg ModernArt 9
Progressive Party fork_07 Krakabraka 3
Social Democratic Party Purrcat2010 HarborRandom852 3
Republic Party of the East Frosty_Creeper10 Needn_NL 3
Decision Party Wipeout111 DintyB 2

Foreign relations

The USE has strong ties with many countries, including Nansei-Gunto. It has weak ties to Totem Beach and Sand, declaring them as unfriendly/enemies.


All able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 26 are required to join the Eastern States Army.

  • The Minister of Defence is Weier, and chief captain of the Army is President AirplaneNiner
  • The chief captain of the Navy is _Ludus
  • The chief captain of the Air Force (ESAF) is AirplaneNiner
  • The chief captain of the Space Force (ESSF) is PaintedBlue


The United States consists of 45 states, a federal capital, and a territorial exclave.


Each state is a recognized division of the country, and is governed by one or more ministers. As of 19 September 2021, there are 25 states that have been claimed and recognized by the United States, along with a further 20 unclaimed. Of the 20 unclaimed, 7 fall in the Northern Territories (3 west of Kagu, 3 north of San Westen, and 1 next to Navassa), and 12 fall in the Stan Country (bordering southwest of the USE).


States of the USE
Name Code State capital Governor Joined the USE Flag
Elizabeth LZ Piper AirplaneNiner 13 August 2021
Conroy CR Kennedytown frogggggg 13 August 2021 Cr-flag.png
Pantai PT Arborhill mi_aquamarine 13 August 2021 Flag of Pantai.png
New England NE Monray ModernArt


13 August 2021 Ei-flag.png
Midbay MB Ponton Pier Krakabraka 13 August 2021 Mt-flag.png
Sarayana SY Saint Mary fork_07 13 August 2021 Sy-flag.png
Kyushu KY Atami HarborRandom852 13 August 2021 Kyushuflag.png
Greenland GL Gron Jord _Ludus 13 August 2021
Mariana MA Pendleton PaintedBlue 13 August 2021 Flag of Mariana.png
Lazona LA Colinstown kingsnake1 13 August 2021
Saint Lazare SL Saint-Lazare Weier 13 August 2021
Kagu KG Kagu City Needn_NL


14 August 2021
Savannastan SV Felisburg Purrcat2010 14 August 2021
Axolston AX Sungei Gurun Hightech_TR 14 August 2021 Ax-flag.png
Lomonaco LM Estopa City Freskooo 14 August 2021 Lm-flag.png
Kawasaki KW Kawasaki HQ Johngi 14 August 2021 Kw-flag.png
Desolet DL Desolet Wipeout111 14 August 2021 Dl-flag.png
Azurite AZ Kismay chimata 14 August 2021 Az-flag.png
Forestan FR Bristol Forest Minecraft252 15 August 2021
Qahil QA Madina ondist 16 August 2021 QahilFlag.png
San Westen SW Nounoustie CaptainObi 15 August 2021
Navassa NA Howland City Crafterboi500 24 August 2021
Oracion OR Avalon Nova HyraxNixus 26 August 2021
Haivillian HA Yuechet LabCylian 18 September 2021

There are two former states of the USE:

Former states of the USE
Name Code State capital Governor Joined the USE Reason for leave
West Kagu WK N/A Frosty_Creeper10 14 August 2021 Merged into Kagu 14 Aug 21
Shanthi SA Antaratma SAYNOAHREBL_ 14th August 2021 Shanthi pulled out of the USE, before then splitting between Greenland, Forestan, Conroy, and Midbay 16 Oct 21


The USE has 3 territories. Two are unincorporated unorganized territories, and one is an overseas organized territory.

Cluster Territories (Unincorporated Unorganized Territories)

The United States has two "Cluster Territories", which are underdeveloped pieces of land owned by the federal government completely and vote on behalf of Esteson DC. These places over time will form newer states when the population and demand for sovereignty requires such. The two clusters are named Northern Territory and Stan Country. Former territories existed, such as New Eastern Territory, Norwestian East Indies Colony, and Axolston Territory, but they have since been ratified as states or as multiple states.

The Northern Territory consists of 7 states, and the Stan Country consists of 12 states. The states that are part of these two areas have changed since their inception, but the two names have been used since late August 2021.

Unincorporated Organized Territories

The USE holds a territorial claim in the Mokupuni Islands.