Uacam Beach

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Uacam Beach
Uacam Before.png
City recognition
Date foundedApril 15, 2020
Town hall coordinates-27465, 26716
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 6
MRT D87 
Rail facilitiesUacam Beach Station (NewRail FLR)

Uacam Beach is a beachfront resort town overseen by time2makemymove, and was the site of the server's second Hotel Building Competition.

It is located in the very deep southwest regions of Zeta. The area was claimed by time2makemymove for use in a sequel to the Segav Sal Competition on April 15, 2020. It was then terraformed heavily between June 13th and 14th of 2020 by time2makemymove with worldedit help from MinecraftYoshi26, VickiTori_, _Mossie, and others.

The hotel competition will occur between July 1st and July 31st. Other builds in the area will include a shopping center and a harbor, both built by time2makemymove. There will also be a tramway system, named the Uacam Tramway (UTA). Probably.

Uacam Beach Hotel Building Competition

The Hotel Building Competition 2 is a competition held in Uacam Beach where users on the MRT Server build their own unique beachfront resort-hotel, and the best hotel (voted on by the public) wins $4000. The building portion is occurring throughout the entire month of July 2020.


The competition began July 1st at 5:00 AM UTC once the server restarts (June 30th at 10:00 PM PT), and will end August 1st at 5:00 AM UTC once the server restarts (July 31st at 10:00 PM PT). This gives Hotel builders a full month to build their hotels.


1. For a hotel to qualify, it must be built on the Uacam Beach Strip, the competition’s main location.

2. You must create your own hotel plot to claim. All plot claims occur on the southern side of the main road, and every claim must make use of the entire length of the area from the main road to the water. Mark your plot with a unique wool color, and a sign with your name and the date claimed. First come, first served. Do not edit others' claims.

3. You plot claim may not be larger than 50 blocks wide. And please only claim that much if you know you will utilize it. We are trying to have as much room as possible for everyone.

4. You may only claim one plot on the Uacam Beach Strip. Building outside of the plot is not allowed, unless permission is acquired by time2makemymove and/or the applicable plot neighbor.

5. If you claim a plot for the contest, please build a notable amount within 5 days. If not, it will be considered abandoned. This is to allow others sufficient area to build as well. *it doesn’t have to be completed in five days! But there should at least be some semblance of a start there.*

6. You may edit the sidewalk that abuts your plot, however please don’t make it smaller.

7. Your hotel may not extend into the water. Please respect the southernmost plot boundary.

8. You may build underground if you wish. However, edit at your own risk, it’s a bit of a mess down there.

9. The hotel must be original to Minecraft. It cannot have been built somewhere else on this or any other server or other Minecraft medium (i.e. YouTube tutorial videos) before. However, feel free to use inspiration from real life buildings, within reason.

10. Usage of the lab world or singleplayer worlds for building is 100% allowed.

11. Builds cannot be taller than 101 blocks. This is an aesthetic choice to curb unnecessary stacks.

12. All rooms must be furnished in at least some fashion.

13. Outside help is allowed for your hotel, however only one person can win the prize money.

14. If you would like to build something other than a hotel on the Uacam Beach Strip, or have any other questions, contact time2makemymove. However, only hotels can win prize money.

15. Once the competition is over, you may continue to make edits to your plot/hotel as you please. However, removing your hotel from the strip once the competition is over is illegal.

16. Once the competition is over, I legally cannot stop you from copying and pasting your hotel somewhere else on the server. However, I strongly discourage it, as I’d like to keep the strip’s contents unique, much like Las Vegas or Miami Beach’s hotel strips.

17. Rules of the server apply (no plagiarism, no griefing, etc.)

18. Have fun and thanks for participating!

Voting Procedure

Much like the last competition, voting will be conducted by way of any MRT member (referenced henceforth as “the public”) ranking every competing hotel on a scale of 1 to 10 and then averaging every public voter’s score together to get a final score. Players voting for their own hotel would not count toward the average. Further, the public will also list their top 3 hotels, which will be used in case a tiebreak between two hotels is necessary.

Voters are encouraged to utilize the following list as guidelines for choosing their votes:

1) Exterior Appeal

2) Interior Appeal

3) Quality Hotel Amenities (e.g. Pool, Restaurants, Shopping, Activities, Parking, etc.)

4) Hotel Room Appeal (e.g. the interior of the actual bedrooms)

5) Accessibility

6) Whether YOU would want to spend a vacation at this hotel.

As brought up at the May ISM, much like other game shows on the server, it is theoretically possible for a member of the public to rig their vote. I am putting my trust in the public that there will be no bad faith votes placed.

However, if an anomaly is discovered, or if it is reported to me that votes have been tampered with by one or multiple members of the public, the matter will be brought up with the MRT Staff, and appropriate actions will be decided upon. However, I do not expect it to come to this. Please vote fairly! Don’t ruin the fun for everyone else.


1st Place $4000

2nd $2000

3rd $1000

4th/5th/6th $500

7th/8th/9th $250

10th+ $100

Hotels finished after the competition deadline $80


Name Owner Closest UTA Station Standing in Competition Other notes
Coming soon.

Uacam Tramway

Coming soon.