Under Score Corporation

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"A new age of global commerce"
USC LOGO 2.png
Chairman of the Board _MajorMagpie_
CEO and President _ShadowQueen_
Notable affiliates Ender Wing Airlines, MRT Graphics, RapidCoffee
Facts and figures
Server Headquarters PLAZA, City of New Phoenix
Founded August 2014
Predecessors Magpie Industries, SQ Industries

The Under_Score Corporation is an umbrella corporation formed from the independent companies Magpie Industries and SQ Industries. The corporation was created by _MajorMagpie_ during the build-up to the new world and is primarily formed from his previous main company Magpie Industries which was a minor commercial presence on the old world.

USC does not have a specific commercial operation but instead owns many smaller companies and franchises of all different types which provide income for the Corporation. These smaller companies and franchises are mostly acquired from other players however USC does own and operate several own-brands.

Our goal is to provide fair and simple commerce for the entire server in nearly all possible areas including Transit, Food, Architecture, Construction and Redstone. Our customers are treated to the highest business standards with a mutual benefit in mind.

Companies and Franchises

Company/Franchise Type Size Industry Wiki Page
MRT Graphics Company Medium Graphics MRT Graphics
Magpie Industries * Company Small Multiple Magpie Industries
SQ Industries * Company Small Multiple N/A
RapidCoffee Franchise Medium Food/Drink N/A
Bread Crumbs Bakery Franchise Small Food/Drink N/A

* Companies which have been fully integrated into USC

Senior Management

Chairman - MajorMagpie

CEO and President - _ShadowQueen_

Senior Vice President - _frozen

Chief Marketing Officer - Cortesi

USC Headquarters

The Under_Score Corporation Head office is located in the PLAZA, New Phoenix. Is is the first and presently only building in the planned USC complex which will include the USC Global Showroom, the New Phoenix USC depot and the Headquarters building itself.

It was one of the first buildings in New Phoenix and remains as one of the highlights of the city, standing in the city plaza alongside the (planned) Phoenix Central Station and MRT National Theatre. The office building houses the headquarters for the USC Brands Rapidcoffee and Sublime Burger, as well as the secondary headquarters for the Frontier Group. It is planned to house more franchise and company headquarters as USC grows financially.