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Union of North Eastern Territories

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Alert.png Note: Kenton has now left the UNET. Alert.png
Union of North Eastern Territories
Founder frogggggg
Headquarters Titsensaki
No. of Members 7

The UNET is a MPO of towns in the northeasten quadrant of the New World. It includes Titsensaki, Xiiona, Hendon, Kenton, Subton-on-Sea, Creeperville, and Nymphalia. Founded by frogggggg on December 19, 2016, it strives to help major towns and cities expand in its area of scope, as well as to protect them and keep the area safe.


Town Name Rank Mayor MRT Station
Titsensaki [Governor] frogggggg  NE17  Foobar
 NE18  Titsensaki
Xiiona [Councillor] HammerDrinksTea N/A
Subton-on-Sea [Unranked] Jian_Zen N/A
Hendon [Mayor] London150  NE5  Foobar
Creeperville [Senator] Frosty_Creeper10  NE8  Creeperville
 ZN23  Foobar
 ZN24  Foobar
Aviation [Councillor] SoaPuffball  NE16  Foobar
Nymphalia [Mayor] SoaPuffball  EN22  Nymphalia - Windus
 EN23  Nymphalia - Snowspark
 EN24  -  NEX  Foobar