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United Cities/Electoral Commission

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United Cities Electoral Commission
Chief Electoral Commissioner godzilltrain
Electoral Commissioners MikeRoma, PtldKnight, camelfantasy, godzilltrain, AyyLion
Parent Organization United Cities
Founded 18th June 2017
Headquarters United Cities Headquarters
Authority Under UC Amendment 49

The United Cities Electoral Commission is a body under Amendment 49 to the United Cities Constitution that is tasked with running the United Cities Election.

Electoral Commissioners

The five Electoral Commissioners are decided before each election. The only requirements are that they are not incumbent officers and that they are not candidates for the next Election; they are not required to be members of the United Cities. The President is tasked with nominating the five Electoral Commissioners with three non-Officer endorsements for each nomination. Each nomination is then confirmed by the General Assembly via the resolution process. The Electoral Commissioners then elect a Chief Electoral Commissioner for each election.

A list of members of past electoral commissions can be found here.


The Electoral Commission runs the Election. They are responsible for creating the voting form and distributing it to the members of the United Cities. The form verifies the identity of voters by asking for both the username and the validation code of the voter. The Electoral Commission is responsible for creating unique validation codes for each member of the United Cities and distributing them.

After the election, the Electoral Commission shall count the votes and then release accurate vote tallies and percentages. They shall declare the winner, or in the event of a tie, a tie. The newly elected officers then take office 48 hours following the conclusion of the election.