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United Cities/History Committee

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United Cities Historical Preservation Committee
Chairman Skelezomperman
Committee Members AyyLion, Skelezomperman, soso123
Parent Organization United Cities
Founded 1st October 2017
Headquarters United Cities Headquarters
Authority Under UC Enacted Resolution 25

The Historical Preservation Committee (or History Committee for short) of the United Cities is an legislative committee responsible for the identification and preservation of historic and cultural landmarks in order to compile and display information about the history of the server, as well as contributions to the MRT History page.

Committee Members

The members of the History Committee are AyyLion, Skelezomperman, and soso123. As a legislative committee, the committee members serve at the will of the General Assembly.


  • MOTION 1: Authorize creation of a Google Form for players to submit landmark suggestions for consideration by the Committee. PASSED 4-0
  • MOTION 2: Appoint Skelezomperman as Parliamentarian of the Committee. PASSED 4-0
  • MOTION 3: Approve Spawn Station as a landmark. PASSED 4-0
  • MOTION 4: Approve the Old World MRT Mail Centre as a landmark. PASSED 4-0
  • MOTION 5: Approve the MRT Regional Airport, MRT International Airport, Cactusville Station, I-0, Epsilon International Airport, A8, and the Epsilon Theatre as landmarks. PASSED 4-0

List Of Landmarks

Bold indicates the landmark is in the new world. Italic indicates the landmark is in the old world.

  • 1 - New World Admod Building
  • 2 - MRT Mail Center
  • 3 - Braun Llama Tower
  • 4 - The 4 terminal MRT stations within Central City
  • 5 - MRT Regional Airport
  • 6 - MRT International Airport
  • 7 - B29 (Cactusville Station)
  • 8 - Redstone Gaming Centre
  • 9 - Epsilon International Airport
  • 10 - I-0 (InterMap 0)
  • 11 - A0
  • 12 - A8
  • 13 - Epsilon Theatre