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United Cities/Law Department

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United Cities Department of Law
Attorney General Skelezomperman
Deputy Attorney General camelfantasy
Other Employees _ezzo
Parent Organization United Cities
Founded April 5, 2017 (by statute)
April 23, 2017 (de facto)
Headquarters United Cities Building
Authority Under UC Constitutional Amendment 30

The Department of Law of the United Cities is led by Attorney General Skelezomperman and is responsible for manners of United Cities Law.


  • Maintenance and updating of legal records.
  • Advising the President on legal matters.
  • Representing the United Cities in the United Cities Court.

Public Service

The Department of Law offers the following services to members of the United Cities.

Legal Counsel

The Department of Law offers legal council for players involved in disputes in the United Cities Court. Counsel will automatically be provided to any player who is a defendant in any case upon request, subject to availability of Department of Law employees. To request counsel, please submit a request on the talk page.

Resolution Review Service

United Cities members can submit drafts of proposed resolutions to the Department of Law for assistance in writing the resolution, such that it does not result in unintentional legal loopholes or legal grey areas. To request assistance, contact the Attorney General Skelezomperman in a private message on Discord. Note that assistance in drafting resolutions does not imply endorsement of the resolution by the Attorney General, Department of Law, or any of its staff members.


The Attorney General is not seeking any employees at the present time.