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United Cities/State Department

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Alert.png The Department of State has been disbanded.
This page is kept for historical purposes.
United Cities State Department
Secretary of State Click here for list
Parent Organization United Cities
Founded 13th February 2017
Headquarters TBD
Authority Under UC Constitutional Amendment 25

The State Department is a department to settle disputes between members in the United Cities not involved with United Cities law. It can solve disputes through arbitration through written documentation enforced by the United Cities Court or through resolution by the General Assembly.

Establishment of the State Department

The State Department was established upon the passage of United Citied Constitutional Amendment 25, which states the following:

The Department of State is responsible for providing a means of conflict resolution between two parties. The Secretary of State, who may appoint additional staff to carry out some of his or her duties, presides over the department. The Department of State may maintain its own wiki page and Discord channel, as seen fit by the Secretary of State.

Rules for Cases

  • Non-Bias summaries of conflict are more likely to be accepted to be arbitrated.
  • All players must agree to an arbitration before being passed to the Secretary of State.
  • All players must attend the arbitration involved with the dispute.
  • All disputes must not be involved with United Cities law, such cases must be handled by the United Cities Court.
  • All resolutions to a dispute with documented written proof must be followed through by all members involved. Any cases where this does not happen will be breaking the terms enforced by the United Cities Court and the case will be moved up to the court.
  • All members must agree to an arbitration resolution before a resolution can be passed to the general assembly.

Dispute Requests

Request No. Summary of Dispute Members Involved Members in Agreement Request Status
Example Claims over Elecna Bay mine_man_, Mineman4604 mine_man_, Mineman4604 Accepted

Dispute History

VernCow vs United Cities Roads Committee

Signed by:

  • Camelfantasy
  • Skelezomperman
  • Verncow
  • Narnia17
  • Ptld