Up-N-Atom Diner

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Up-N-Atom Diner is a fast food chain owned by EliteNeon. It was founded on October 1st, 2021, and is owned by Dow Jones Company. The chain takes its name from the "Up-N-Atom" series of restaurants in the Grand Theft Auto V series, particularly one outside of Paleto Bay, San Andreas.

Up-N-Atom Diner
Founder and CEOEliteNeon
Additional Information
Number of Restaurants14
HeadquartersDow Jones Tower, New Mackinaw
Parent CompanyDow Jones Company


New World

# Location Name Store Type
1 Houseboat Landing Small
2 Pasadena Custom Small
3 Oparia LeTourneau International Airport Custom Small
4 Waterville Under Construction
5 Wazamawazi Mall Custom
6 Scarborough Small
7 Scarborough Small
8 San Vantino Small
9 Pasadena Small
10 Pasadena Small
11 Sansvikk Small
12 Mirfield Small
13 Caravaca Custom Small
14 Daly City Custom Small