Upton Ulster

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Upton Ulster
People's Sub-sea Settlement of Upton Ulster
Facade of main entrance and MRT station.
Facade of main entrance and MRT station.
Flag of Upton Ulster
U.U., dub-U, bootleg East End
From each according to her ability,
to each according to her need.
Server Mrt-logo.png New World
Ward 2
Founded 1st May 2021
Rank [Unranked]
Founded by stxnmusic
 • Type Democrat-council
 • Speaker-secretary (Mayor) stxnmusic
 • Opposition Leader (Deputy Mayor) TBD
Third-party transport AquaLinQ.png
MRT  XE50  Foobar

Upton Ulster is a fully underground town created by user stxnmusic. It is located at Expo Line station  XE50  Foobar in the north eastern side of the New World, at the southern end of Ward 2. It is currently accessible via both the Expo Line as well as the AquaLinQ AQ700 line, connecting the town to Stackton, Metamesa, Esterland, and Strynbury. The town closest to Upton Ulster is East Mesa, located to the northeast of the town at  XE52  Foobar. The town is an official voting member of the Metropolitan North Association, a regional MPO. It became a voting member on 10 June 2021.