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Town Officials
Mayor Minecrafts000
Deputy Mayor MaxStewartS
Founder Minecrafts000
MRT  ZS15  Foobar
Other transit Urbisan Rapid Transit (URT),  A511  Highway
Facts and Figures
Population 1
Town Hall Coordinates -855 70 5464
Town Rank Councillor
World New
Ward(s) 5


Urbisan is a small town situated at  ZS15  on the MRT Zephyr line. Urbisan's owner and mayor is Minecrafts000. The deputy mayor of Urbisan is MaxStewartS.


Founded 12/8/17, the day that Urbisan's mayor became a member of the server, Urbisan is exponentially getting bigger, more grandiose, and working it's way up the ranks. The first building built in Urbisan is the Urbisan Heights, a Residential and Office Complex.


Urbisan is situated next to MRT station  ZS15 . This is the only thing currently that is connecting Urbisan to other parts of the server.

Every building in Urbisan is connected with a system of roads. There are no roads currently that go to any neighboring towns/cities, but town mayor Minecrafts000 is trying to contact the neighboring towns to establish a better, more connected road system.

Main Article: Urbisan Rapid Transit

Urbisan's only mass transit at the moment is Urbisan Rapid Transit. The Urbisan Rapid Transit is Urbisan's own above ground, minecart based transit system that connects Urbisan through multiple train lines.

Neighboring Towns/Cities

Urbisan is close to the mid-sized town of Legitevon at  ZS14  and Sandburgh at  ZS16 . The only way to get to these towns from Urbisan is to ride the MRT. There are no road connections to these towns mainly because of the lack of build permission from both neighboring towns.

Urbisan Convention Center

You can even host a Potato Meeting!

The Urbisan Convention Center is a big convention center in Urbisan. It is located on the eastern side of Urbisan. It features an underground parking facility and a bridge running between the convention center's two buildings. Any member of the server may host an event at the convention center. Contact minecrafts000 for more information.

Urbisan Free Development Law

The mayor of Urbisan, minecrafts000, has decided that since Urbisan is a new town with little infrastructure, all land within Urbisan is free to build on by any member of the MRT server with permission; until Urbisan becomes the [Mayor] rank. Contact minecrafts000 on Discord or in-game for a plot of land. However, there are certain guidelines that builders MUST follow in order to not trash Urbisan with bad builds.

  • Do not ask for massive plots of land to build on
  • We are open minded on all types of builds, and as long as you try, we do not care. but we ask that you do not purposely make really ugly builds.
  • Follow all MRT server guidelines as well