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User:Architect 21

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Mayor of Spring Valley & Geneva Bay, Passionate Selfie Taker
User Page photo.png
Location United States
Time zone PST(Pacific Standard Time), GMT -8 or PDT(I wish I lived in Arizona, less complicated), GMT -7
Language(s) English
Gender Just Guess
MRT Information
Current rank [Senator]
Notable projects Storalisburg(partially), Spring Valley, GreenLife, Geneva Bay
Joined Mid-July 2015
Accepted September 24, 2015
Citizen October 1, 2015
Trustee December 11, 2015
Councillor January 6, 2016
Mayor January 22, 2016
Senator N/A
Governor N/A
Premier N/A
Moderator Probably Never
Administrator Never
Supporter N/A
Social networks
Nickname(s) Arch, Archi, Archay, Archie, and Architect(obviously)

Hi there, I'm Architect_21, a [Senator] on this sever. I'm the proud mayor of the remote town of Spring Valley. I am currently active in a few other towns as well, helping out in Storalisburg. I am the founder and CEO of the GreenLife and the WorldGreens Foundation. I try to be on the server at least two/three times a week so you'll often see me. Feel free to say hi. If you have any questions, you can leave them on the talk page. Enjoy!

If you need to contact me, send me a /mail or use the talk page.

My Will

If I ever leave the server for a long period of time or permanently, my will is as follows...

My Town, Spring Valley will go to the Deputy Mayor. If he cannot take the town the Councillors will vote on who takes possession. If none of this happens it will be given over to the staff or someone else I trust.

My Corporation and all franchises within it will be handed over to staff to decide where it shall go.

Please Note: This does not mean I am leaving or plan to leave the server, I wrote it just in case. Also, if I return I would like all my property to be returned in some way to me.


Mayor of Spring Valley, Geneva Bay, & New Rosemont

Deputy Mayor of Storalisburg, Spruce Neck, Belvadere, Heampstead,& Charlemagne (I think there's more... don't remember)

Status Notes

Note: This takes effect starting August 24th and lasts until the end of September. Subject to change without notice.


Status Color Meaning Estimated Max. Time Spent Online (Per day)
    Red means it is highly improbable that I will be on at all that day. If I do come on it will only be for a quick pop in to say hello and answer a few questions. 0-10 minutes
    Similar to red, orange means it is still slightly improbable that I will come on for long. However, if I am on orange that means there is a higher chance of me popping on and I will usually pop online for a longer and maybe do some building and wiki editing. 30-45 minutes
    Yellow means that it is likely I will come on that day for a decent amount of time to do building, wiki editing, exploring, and chatting. 1-2 hours
    Green is the highest level of activity and means that it is almost certain that I will come on that day for a long period of time. 2+ hours



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Recieve the rank of Member.
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Trustee of the Server
Recieve the rank of Trustee.
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Court is in Session
Recieve the rank of Councillor.
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Phone Call Waiting
Recieve the rank of Mayor.
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Take a Seat
Recieve the rank of Senator.

Server Achievements

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