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The Amazing Race 10.5
DateAugust 31, 2020
No. of teams3
No. of legs6
Cities visited18
MRT worlds visited1
Servers visited1

The Amazing Race 10.5 is a casual non-official installment of The Amazing Race with no prize.

The entire season took place in the early morning of August 31, 2020. MinecraftYoshi26 spontaneously planned it, making legs while the race was occurring.

1 team of 2 and 2 teams of 1 participated, with only 1 team completing the whole race.


The route of The Amazing Race 10.5; Green being the Starting Line, Purple being Pit Stops, and Orange being the Finish Line.
Team Position (by leg) Roadblocks
1 2 3 4 5 6
Cookie46910 & ArizTrad 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 1st 1st ArizTrad 3, Cookie46910 4
KittyCat11231 1st KittyCat11231 1
hvt2011 1st 2nd hvt2011 3

Race Summary

Destinations Plane.png Air travel   Train.png Rail travel   Ship.png Water travel    Bus.png Bus travel   Helicopter.svg Helicopter travel   Cable car.svg Cable car travel   Airship.svg Airship travel
Route markers Detour.png Detour   Roadblock.png Roadblock   Pitstop.png Pit Stop
Icons placed after a location indicate the clue was picked up at this location,
while icons placed before a location indicate that the clue was picked up at a prior location.

Leg 1 (Arbatskaya Moscow ➝ Wythern ➝ Peacopolis ➝ Southoak ➝ Deadbush)

Revolution Park in Arbatskaya Moscow was the Starting Line of The Amazing Race 10.5.

Leg 2 (Deadbush ➝ Gemstride ➝ Kenthurst ➝ Whitechapel)

White Point Chapel in southern Whitechapel was the Pit Stop of Leg 2.

Leg 3 (Whitechapel ➝ Hendon ➝ Lanatam ➝ Oparia)

In Hendon, teams had to slide down the second highest peak, Mt. Frosty, in a wooden boat.
  • Whitechapel (Whitechapel Downs)
  • Bus: West Calbar (Whitechapel Downs Bus Terminal) to Hendon
  • Hendon (Margate Road Stadium)
  • Roadblock: "Who wants to slip and slide?" Hendon (Mt. Frosty)
  • Helicopter: Hendon (MRT Airships Hendon) to Lanatam (MRT Airships Lanatam)
  • Lanatam (Lanatam Gardens)
  • Roadblock: "Who has a better memory?" Lanatam (Lanatam Cathedral)
  • Helicopter: Lanatam (MRT Airships Lanatam) to Oparia (MRT Airships Oparia)
  • Oparia (Unity Island) Pit Stop: Leg 3

Leg 4 (Oparia ➝ Itokani ➝ New Bakersville City)

In Itokani, teams had to search the embassies on Koroturaga for the one missing on the map.
  • Boat: Oparia (Oparia International Seaport) to Itokani (Hummingbird Boat Lines Southern Waitui Dock)
  • Itokani (Tree of Time)
  • Detour: Artistic or Physically Itokani (Zetterstrand Gallery or Vutuniyau Mines)
  • Itokani (Sipi Park)
  • Roadblock: "Who can find the mising needle in the haystack?" Itokani (New Dublinium Embassy)
  • Boat: Itokani (Hummingbird Boat Lines Southern Waitui Dock) to New Bakersville City (New Bakersville City Dock)
  • New Bakersville City (New Bakersville City Hall) Pit Stop: Leg 4

Leg 5 (New Bakersville City ➝ Airchester ➝ San Reinoldi ➝ Thunderbird)

This leg's Roadblock in Airchester had teams dying leather armor correctly in Epsilon Theatre.

Leg 6 (Thunderbird ➝ Richville ➝ Kantō)

The Race's Finish Line was at the Apex Towers in southwestern Kantō, the starting line for The Amazing Race 11.