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Hello, These are songs I spotted over the time and I liked. I try to update this list frequently but that I can't always keep up for various reasons. I got the inspiration from yoshi, and wanted to do it with my own style of songs/music choice.

Date (y/m/d) Title/Link Artist Favourite text
2016/01/02 When i was your man Bruno Mars Too young, too dumb to realize. / Now I never, never get to clean up the mess I made.
2016/01/03 Santa Monica Dream Angus Stone & Julia Stone Goodbye to my Santa Monica dream. / You tell me stories of the sea, And the ones you left behind. / You're somewhere, you're somewhere. I could go there but I don't.
2016/01/04 Make A Move Icon For Hire Try to make it look like it's all somehow getting better.
2016/01/05 Beauty never lies Bojana Stamenov Finally I can say , yes, I’m diff’rent, and it’s okay! Here I am!
2016/01/06 Immortals Fall Out Boy We can be immortals!
2016/01/07 Ashita no joe opening song (Sandbag) Isao Bitou Wich Way is tomorrow. / Ashita wa docchi da.
2016/01/08 Dromendans (Dance of dreams) Vinzzent Dans jij met mij dan dansen wij ons samen blij. / Wanna dance with me then we dance till we are happy.
2016/01/09 Sorry Justin bieber You gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty. / You know I try but I don't do too well with apologies.
2016/01/10 Take a chance on me! ABBA In this case i really just like the melody and theme of the song.
2016/02/11 Fireflies Owl City One million fireflies, I keep them in a jar.
2016/02/12 Get well soon Breton They say that either you're out or you're in / What if we started what remains?, You saved our lives again.
2016/04/14 Try P!nk Ever wonder bout what he's doin' How it all turned to lies / Where there is a flame, Someone's bound to get burned, But just because it burns Doesn't mean you're gonna die
2016/04/21 In my mind Amanda Palmer How strange to see, That I don't wanna be the person that I want to be / F%^@ yes, I am exactly the person that I want to be
2016/07/26 My Heart Don't Wanna Let Go Johannes Rypma I'm learning how to live my life without you And I say I moved on
2017/08/11 Chocolates and Cigarettes Angus and Julia Stone Still too young to fail, too scared to sail away. But one of these days Ill grow old and Ill grow brave and Ill go... One of these days.
2018/07/21 Ashes Céline Dion Watching all these dreams go up in smoke, Let beauty come out of ashes!
2018/07/25 Back to being me Lea Sirk And it happens then, I pretend to be normal. So, let's skip the point, and then I try to go back to being me.