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Time zoneGMT +1
Language(s)English, Danish, German
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Current rank[Senator]
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Hello everyone!

Just going to write a few words about myself so you know who I am. :) So, I'm a European being both English and Danish + having spent a fantastic year in Bavaria in Germany. I joined this server in the autumn of 2012. After playing on more serious project minded city building servers I've spent the last couple of years computer time to the MRT due to the fantastic community I think this server has. In January 2014 I was granted the moderator position. I think it's a really fun experience to meet all of you weather doing WorldEdits, building or whatever.

On the MRT I've done more projects than I can remember. On the old map I built the NE district of Inchmuir with mainly US architecture which was great fun but when the new map came it was a must for me to have my own city project which I never had on the old world - The German themed city Daneburg was born! Today part from being the mayor of Daneburg I'm the deputy mayor for a few towns and cities across the server such as Inchmuir, Falloway, Marblegate and Mecklenburg

If you want to follow my building projects please check out my PMC ( or say hello to me in game! :D