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Mayor of Gold City
Location Atlanta, GA, USA
Time zone American Eastern Time Zone
UTC-5 during the winter
UTC-4 during the summer
Usually 5h behind London :D
Language(s) English, some French
Gender Male
MRT Information
Current rank Mayor+
Accepted March 23, 2013
Councillor December 5, 2014
Mayor February 8, 2015
Supporter December 28, 2013
Social networks
YouTube MinetownCityNews
Twitter @UrbanCraftMC
Personal website

Hello, my fellow grammar cops! My name is bspells but a lot of people call me b, spelleh, or SPELLAAAY. My current project is Gold City in the Gamma world, but I previously worked on Minetown. I also eat burritos and play Minecraft, which is rather difficult. (Funny Quotes)

Gold City

Gold City is my new city on the Gamma world. It's still being built, but so far it's AWESOME! You can ride over to  C118 - ZN11  Gold City (Heights City) to see it. Soon, CitiRail will serve Gold City. You can find even more information over on the Gold City page.


Minetown is the first city I built here on the MRT. Find more information on the Minetown page.

Notable Builds

Contacting Me

If you need me outside of my rather random times online, feel free to email me at minetownmrt [at] for any MRT-related questions or comments. Please email me only if you need a rapid response, as this email is tied to my cell phone. This IS NOT to be used to request things unless you cannot progress in your building without my approval.