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Random stuff/thoughts

Funny Stuff

  • Geometry teacher: If I'm wrong, then prove me wrong. I love being proven wrong. [Geometry is about proving/disproving things]
  • The ultimate (and possibly overkill) AFK box: surrounding Cortesi with 3+ polished andesite blocks radius, plus some ice, and two signs saying "Gotcha!" and "P.S., your redstone [of theater in lab world] is very laggy", both presumably "created" by Chiefbozx, with his name on them.


As you can see from the title, this is not copied from FAQs.

Q: What is the most fun build you've ever done?
A: I'd say it would be the AFK village we built around mc_protocol. There were so many people working on it and made it possibly one of the best AFK boxes/villages ever.

Disregard Below

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