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This page contains stories in the form of logs. There will usually be a new entry at least once a day.

Disclaimer: any relation to any person, object, place, or idea; living, fictional, dead, or destroyed; is purely coincidental and unintended.

Story 1

Setting: a lonely outpost in a remote forested area of the world.

Day 1

Nothing out of the ordinary sighted.

Day 2

Bright flash in the sky shortly before lunch. Will investigate later.

Fire reported in the trees about a kilometer away discovered shortly after lunch.

Heavy storm deters investigation, fire is put out from the rainfall.

Day 3

Squad sent out to investigate in the morning

Squad radioes for medical help, medics arrival at site of fire. Commander called shortly after, entire squadron is sent out to fire site.

Crashed plane found among the trees, two unconscious aviators wearing unknown uniforms.

Plane cannot be identified, of unknown manufacture.

Unknown aviators brought back to outpost's infirmary.

Day 4

Aviators' conditions worsen, help is requested from main base.

Medics arrive at noon, aviators' conditions improve.

Day 5

Aviators regain consciousness, are questioned.

No memory of previous events, likely amnesia.

Aviators start to be treated in hopes of curing amnesia.

Day 6

Names are found out, one bearing pilot designation is Michael, one bearing gunner designation is Thomas.

Notice of tensions rising in the East sent to outpost via main base.

Day 7

Aviators' memories slowly returning, Michael's last memory being taking off from a carrier.

Outbreak of tensions in the East results in several armed riots, military police sent in to restore order.

More to come