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Alert.png As of June 27th, 2018 this user has been banned from the Minecart Rapid Transit Server. This page shall be used for historical reference.
The DOUGH-riginal Overseer
Image coming soon
Location California
Time zone PST
Language(s) English, je parles du Francais, Ich spreche deaustch.
Gender Did you just assume Male?
Birth date irrelevant
MRT Information
Current rank Senator w/ Imperial Overseer Priviledges
Joined July 29th, 2015
Accepted September 27th, 2015
Citizen October 4th, 2015
Trustee October 20th, 2015
Mayor November 30th, 2015
Senator July 1st, 2017
Supporter too poor :(
Social networks
Skype Ha no
Steam Steamy time on request :P
Discord Find me :P
Nickname(s) Come up with some!

What can I say? I'm just too damned hot. :P

Who am I?

No but like, seriously I'm CaptLincoln. Srsly all I do around here is build and be depressing, and occasionally give a US Armed Forces comedy act. And I love singing. Have fun y'all.

What is with the doughnut reference?

Well, see, my best friend, mj, is like, amazing with his waffle house which I was so lucky to be part of for so long. So I thought I should become the doughnut maestro. Doh.

The Story

One thing I am beyond proud of is being a member of this community. You guy's are amazing, and I don't deserve to be a part of this. Thank you so much for letting me be here!


  • This will is going to be super long for no particular reason
  • No, like seriously
  • Don't believe me?
  • You're still reading it aren't you?
  • Fine, how about this?
  • I'll give you the first clue in the scanvenger hunt for my will!
  • "Where often I was, yet alone I could be. A stone's throw from the bells of the past, I built my tower."
  • Now go find it! :P