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How to play these challenges?

The airport names that are given in this page are IRL airports that have an IATA code corresponding to the respective air facility in MRT. For example, Ciampino–G. B. Pastine International Airport, which has the IATA code of CIA. In MRT, Carnoustie International Airport has the same IATA code, CIA.

Answers to these challenges should be DM'd or /mailed to chimata. The first person to figure out the correct answer wins nothing, and then the correct answer will be revealed, along with the first person to figure out the correct answer.

Challenge 1

The largest airport is Arthur's Town Airport. Can you figure it out? (Give the answer using MRT air facility names.)

Answer (solved by SteventheSteven in 03:11 UTC at 12/23/2022)

Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport. It is the biggest airport in the MRT server.

Challenge 2

What do these airports have in common? Additionally, list the respective MRT airports.

Warsaw Modlin Airport
Djerba–Zarzis International Airport
Ovda Airport
Dera Ghazi Khan International Airport
Kadena Air Base
Answer (solved by SteventheSteven in 03:12 UTC at 12/23/2022)

They are all airports in the Deadbush area.

Warsaw Modlin Airport > WMI > West Mesa International Airport
Djerba–Zarzis International Airport > DJE > Deadbush Johnston-Euphorial Airport
Ovda Airport > VDA > Deadbush Valletta Desert Airport
Dera Ghazi Khan International Airport > DEA > Deadbush Edgecliff Airport
Kadena Air Base > DNA > Deadbush Northeast Airfield
(no IRL equivalent) > DFM > Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport
(no IRL equivalent) > DPH > Deadbush Pioneer-Howard Airport
(no IRL equivalent) > DBI > Deadbush International Airport
(bonus) Qeshm International Airport > GSM > Gemstride Melodia Airfield

Challenge 3

BluAir is based out of 8 different hubs. Can you name one of them? (Answers should be given using the respective IRL airport names.)

Answer (solved by SteventheSteven in 03:13 UTC at 12/23/2022)
Murrville-Arcadia International Airport > MAX > Ouro Sogui Airport
West Mesa International Airport > WMI > Warsaw Modlin Airport
Richville International Airport > RVA > Farafangana Airport
Chan Bay International Airport > CBI > Cape Barren Island Airport
Tranquil Forest Airfield > TFA > (no IRL equivalent)
New Bakersville City Airfield > NBC > Begishevo Airport
Ilirea Midcity Airport > IXM > Madurai Airport
Mason City International Airport > MCI > Kansas City International Airport