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The Lanark problem is the problem associated with trouble trying to get permissions for Lanark since late 2019.

Why it is a problem?

The mayor, Earack has been offline for 2 years and 25 days as of June 19, 2022 and is not in the Discord. Additionally, this town has no caretaker to manage permissions for this town (unlike with other Premier cities with caretakers, which are Kitty and Sese, both of them are active) and the town is ranked Premier, which means it's immune to all transfers other than the mayor transferring the town. This means IATs or DM succession (the DM is Echohue, who is active) cannot be performed. These reasons are why a lot of people are waiting for permissions for Lanark, which includes putting buses or anything else you can think that requires passing through the city, but is unable to do so.