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Here are some tips for new members:

If you have any additional tips you want to share and it's not in this list, contact chimata.

  • Your town doesn't necessarily have to be near a MRT station. There are a bunch of land in Epsilon and Zeta which are unclaimed and far away from MRT lines. There are many warprail and bus companies that serve towns that MRT can't. You can use the Dynmap to figure out where your town should be at.
  • If you can't find a location you want, try the Pointless Stupidity button. It is located in the Welcome Centre, which also hosts warps for MRT termini and Premier cities.
  • Contrary to what everyone thinks, you can get Trustee endorsements as soon you're promoted to [Citizen], but you can only be promoted to [Trustee] once the 1 week period lapses.
  • You can set a "home bed" by placing a bed and then right-clicking on it. If you try to use /home without placing a bed first, you will be sent to spawn and be disappointed. Once you reach [Citizen], you can set 1 home using /sethome.
The pointless stupidity button, located in the Welcome Centre. When pressed, it takes you to a random location.
  • If you enter other worlds using the portals near Central Park, use /spawn to return to New World.
  • Do not forget to read your acceptance email. It has important info such as how to join the Discord and how to make an account for the Wiki.
  • It is recommended that you join the Discord (unless if you're underage or for personal reasons). This allows people can contact you for anything that involves your towns if you go offline for a long time, chat with the community, and get access to the MRT documents and services. (If you can't join, you can still get access to MRT documents if you ask anyone with Discord access and MRT services (Mumble, wiki, file server or OpenTTD) if you ask staff if any are on.)
  • If you are lost and don't know where you are, you can consult the Dynmap. You can also switch to Spectator mode with /gm 3 and exit Spectator mode at any time with /gm (0-2). (This was formerly restricted to staff, but it was lowered to [Trustee] at May 2022 GSM, and then further lowered to [Guest] at November 2022 GSM.)