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Director of Furries
Finley, CortesiRaccoon's fursona
Location Italy
Time zone UTC +1
Language(s) Italian, English
Gender Bicurious
MRT Information
Current rank  Premier+ 
Notable projects A lot of airports and theatres..
Joined 16th February 2013
Accepted 28th February 2013
Trustee 15th June 2014
Councillor 5th October 2014
Mayor 20th October 2014
Senator 22nd November 2014
Governor 20th December 2014
Premier 2nd May 2015
Moderator 12th September 2015 - 6th November 2016
Supporter 15th March 2014
Social networks

[Mayor] of:

About Me

Hi my name's Cortesi. I joined the server on the 21st of February. How did i found this server? Well I was planning with some of my friends on creating a Minecraft Survival Server and after some hours spent on searching for plugins I finale saw a perfect plugin called Dynamap. Searched some videos and some servers using this plugin (yes this is how I discovered about MRT). I joined the server and remember as it was yesterday that the first players I saw were: MinecraftYoshi26 (still a mod), Just_robinho (still a Trusted), and Omricon (still a Trusted). After some of my friends decided to close the server i spent more and more hours playing on the server (I helped Omricon building his Court House in New Delvin). After a few days I became a member. DasNexus was creating a highway near Y20 (actual I-4) and said if I would like to build a city there. I said "yes" and started building MineCity. One thing that MineCity is beautiful to me is because i can see my path on becoming a Minecraft Pro. When started the city i was just a noob and just created random and horrible structures. The city genre is full of these awful buildings, but getting better and better, i became good at redstone and building and so if you go in the borough of MineCity you can see the difference between me 1 year ago and me now. The MRT for me is an awesome experience because you can easily learn english (want to become a del-life pilot so.. :P), you can meet players from all around the world, you can get better at building and redstone… After 1 year on the server everyone knew me and i had some awesome friends (thanks Music3_0, MinecraftYoshi26, SqueakyBubbleGum, 0rocketscience0 that helped me during my days on the MRT Server. I saw this server grow up and I'm very happy to see lots of players joining every day, i can't wait for multiword to come on. But one thing, whatever happens, is that i will try to continue playing on this awesome server. ;)

After all of this paragraph were I talked about myself lets step in of what i did on the server and who I really am. My minecraft nickname is Cortesi (for friends Cort) and I am 15 years old student. On the server I helped building the MRT International Airport (as described in my Member Application). After that I started building MineCity and opened my new corporation MRT Graphics. After working a lot on my city I started dedicating myself to create real lines and I founded the Italian Transit Authority. My last invention is the MRT Stock. I also love PvPing and play MinecraftYoshi26's Games. I try to be online as frequently as possible even if not doing any special things because I like chatting alot with all of the MRT Players. One day came up with the idea of creating a stock market on the MRT and that brought me to create the MRT Stock, Unfortunately i was caught in some real-life things and had to close MRT Stocks. When the new server opened I started building Airchester, my city on the MRT New World. I was lucky enough to be the FIRST Senator of the entire server (along with Yoshi :P). I am a staff at MRT Mail and MRT Will staff. During the September 2015 GSM I have been given the Mod rank but then resigned one year later in November 2016. If you want to ask me a question /mail me in-server :).