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Director of Furries
Time zoneCEST
Language(s)Italian & English
Birth date12 February
MRT information
Current rank [Premier+] 
Joined16th February 2013
Accepted28th February 2013
Trustee15th June 2014
Councillor5th October 2014
Mayor9nd March 2013 (again on 20th October 2014)
Senator22nd November 2014
Governor20th December 2014
Premier2nd May 2015
Moderator12th September 2015 - 6th November 2016
Supporter15th March 2014
Social networks
Previous name(s)CortesiRaccoon

Notable Projects



MineCity was my first attempt to build something from scratch. I never built anything in creative before that moment, and the city resulted in an utter mess, but It's a nice mess, and most importantly, it's my own mess. Started building back in February 2013 after getting accepted as a member on the server, and started developing from there, even getting the city pretty recognizable on the server. It's great to see where it all started, brings up that nostalgic feeling that sometimes I like.


Barrow was a city that was given to me, for which I didn't doo much. I was thinking of expanding it as I did with MineCity, but one thing you should know about me is that I do not like doing things all over again, so it's now just an unfinished projects that brought me more bad things than good.


Airchester is la crème de la crème of my building carreer. I developed it since Premier, and it sure is one of the most recognizable and well-known towns on the MRT Server. Started building back in September 2014 and finished building it after getting premier in April 2015. It is what I'm most proud of, even if the city itself is ugly, but it's the best form of "continuing without giving up" from my side. I never went into big edits with Airchester eversince, I usually just change the airport sometimes :P.


Murrville after my 6-month inactive period I came back on the server and started developing a town in the southern part of the world. My building skills sure have grown over these years, and I wanted to build something not for the "rank" but for the actually happiness of building it. Murrville is as realistic as it can get, and I'm currently very happy of how it's turning out.

Anthro Island

Anthro Island is the first Councillor, Mayor and Senator town on Zeta. It was a project I did during the COVID-19 pandemic.



One of the oldest airlines on the server, Waypoint is built from the defunct Eastern Airways and it is my main project on the server

Redstone and Machines

Back in 2013-2016 I was very good with redstone, hence why I started creating contraptions for systems on the MRT Server: Stations, I helped develop the MRT Mail system, as well as the MRT Will system. I also created a Horse Sharing-thingy system which was very appriciated by the community.

MRT Stocks

MRT Stocks is what you can call a "meme". It was VERY well-known when it first launched in 2014, and people where THRILLED about it. The system was simple: franchise climb or descent the stocks based on their locations count. This brought some nice competition, and people liked it, but of course it had it's flaws, the first not being automated. It was very difficult updating and keeping track of everything, so I just gave up on it.


I'm decent at Photoshop and Illustrator... yeah that's basically it. Check GraphiX.


I build airports! yay! You can check all of them at Punta Airport Company

Epsilon Aircraft Manufacturing

Epsilon Aircraft Manufacturing is just me trying different planes styles, and looks like people like it :P.