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Director of Birch and Audinos
LocationToronto, Ontario, Canada
Time zoneGMT-5 (Winter) / GMT-4 (Summer)
Birth dateJune 12th 1996
MRT information
Current rank[Mayor+]
Notable projectsIcicle Holdings
JoinedFebruary 3rd 2017
AcceptedFebruary 5th 2017 (Frumple)
CitizenFebruary 12th 2017 (MinecraftYoshi26 and Aliksong)
TrusteeApril 26th 2017 (Baseball02, Narnia17, and ModernArt)
CouncillorAugust 4th 2017 (godzilltrain and MinecraftYoshi26)
MayorAugust 25th 2017 (lalaboy and _Kastle)
GovernorThat's not happening.
PremierNo chance.
SupporterJanuary 25th 2021 (LondonThameslink)
Social networks
DiscordAmethyst (my full DiscordTag is Amethyst#0462)
Nickname(s)Amethyst, Amy, CyAmy (thanks, Melecie), Audienix (thanks noa)

CyAmethyst's Current Time
11:16 am, February 1, 2023 EST

Hello random person! My name is CyAmethyst, Leader of The Mineral Union, Leader of the Mineral Audino Party, Founder and CEO of Icicle Holdings, and an friendly, autistic Canadian.

I like to make friends, have fun building and expanding, and just generally like to be well-rounded.

I guess you can say that I have quite an interesting obsession with Birch Wood and a cuddly pink Pokémon known as Audino. I love them both equally!

I'm proud to say that the Ice Emporium and the Arctic Bakery are moderately-successful brain children of mine, and I would like to thank the people who let me expand my business.

Just don't try to get on my nerves... please... My temper is rather nasty. Consider that as your warning.

Please be gentle with me if you're offering constructive criticism or advice. I'm quite sensitive to both and some things either make be depressed/sad or they just provoke my nasty temper. Be gentle and civil with me, and I'll be gentle and civil with you. We'll all win!

I'm quite a random person sometimes, usually saying or doing things that don't make a whole ton of sense. If you think that's weird, then look at DeevyDeev's weird quirks...

But other than that, I shall see you on the server!

(And no, your eyes aren't deceiving you, I became transgender April 2019, changing from male to female.)

Discord Logo.png This user prefers Discord for voice communications.

Positions I've Held

- Mayor of Silverville

- CEO of Icicle Holdings

- Leader of the Mineral Audino Party

- Member of The Ministry of Funny Quotes (With two quotes right now! :D )

- Member of Perma-Rank Syndrome (3.9 years as Mayor and counting...)

(Positions on top represent active or otherwise things that are/have my immediate attention/what I'm focusing on, no particular order)

Summary of Owned Property

- The City of Silverville

- The Mineral Union

- Icicle Holdings

Stance on SMP's/MPO's

Would I be interested in joining SMP's? Yes, I would, because it would be interesting to work together in a shared municipality and grow towns and cities together.

Would I be interested in joining MPO's? Yes, because, again, it would be interesting to be involved in such a project to help grow towns and cities together in a specific region or just server-wide in some capacity.

In other words, don't be afraid to invite me to SMP's or MPO's. I want to be able to contribute to the server as much as you do!

Status Information

- Cyan Status: Will be on quite often, usually more than once a day.

- Lime Status: Will be on slightly less often in Cyan Status, but same principle applies.

- Green Status: Will be on 5-7 days of the week, in usual and typical situations.

- Yellow Status: Will be on 3-4 days of the week, slightly inactive.

- Orange Status: Will be on 1-2 days of the week, pretty inactive.

- Red Status: Will not be on at all, if not rarely. Very inactive.

Be warned that CyAmethyst's status could be affected by her sleep schedule, depending on if it reverses itself or not.

Current Schedule: Reversed/Unpredictable (meaning that my schedule is all over the place, and so I'll be on at random times.)


- Runner-up in the 2017 MLS Season

- Runner-up in The Mole 7

- Quarterfinalist in the 2021 MLS Season (Eliminated by Titsensaki, Lost Series 2-1 in the funniest series of my spleef career)

Franchise Information

If you want to request one of my franchises, please refer to Icicle Holdings's wiki page and fill out the request form there.

I will only do in-game requests if I feel like it, so the request form on the wiki page is likely your best bet.


Due to the server likely going to shut down, my will is now simply the following:

As before, Silverville will go to LondonThameslink, then to SAYNOAHREBL_, then to _fwis, and if none of them want it, it can be claimed via IAT.

Icicle Holdings will be transferred to DeevyDeev, and if he doesn't want it, then I'll take it's operations off-server.