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Director of Birch, Arctic and Snow Preservation
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Time zone GMT-5 (Winter) / GMT-4 (Summer)
Language(s) English
Gender Male
Birth date June 12th 1996
MRT Information
Current rank [Mayor]
Notable projects Chillington, Icicle Holdings
Joined February 3rd 2017
Accepted February 5th 2017 (Frumple)
Citizen February 12th 2017 (MinecraftYoshi26 and Aliksong)
Trustee April 26th 2017 (Baseball02, Narnia17, and ModernArt)
Councillor August 4th 2017 (godzilltrain and MinecraftYoshi26)
Mayor August 25th 2017 (lalaboy and _Kastle)
Senator Hopefully by the end of 2018...
Governor That's not happening.
Premier No chance, unless I get really lucky...
Social networks
Twitter @GamingAmethyst
Discord Amethyst (my full DiscordTag is Amethyst#0462)
Nickname(s) Cyan, Amethyst, Amy

Hello random person! My name is CyAmethyst, mayor of the city of Chillington, Founder and CEO of Icicle Holdings (and the Ice Emporium and it's subsidiaries), and your typical crazy goofball.

I like to make friends, have fun building and expanding, and just generally like to be well-rounded.

I also LOVE Birch Wood!

You can also call me the "Land-Scarrer", since I'm not very good at terraforming, and one look at Chillington will tell you everything you need to know.

I'm proud to say that the Ice Emporium is a moderately-successful brain child of mine, and I would like to thank the people who let me expand my business.

Just don't try to get on my nerves... please... My temper is rather nasty. Consider that as your warning.

I'm also diagnosed with Autism, so I'll be pretty random for the most part. If you think that's weird, then look at Baseball02's weird quirks...

I also like cookies and strawberries, if you couldn't tell by my discord. xD

But other than that, I shall see you on the server!

Discord Logo.png This user prefers Discord for voice communications.

Positions I've Held

- Mayor of Chillington

- CEO of Icicle Holdings

- Mayor of Plainsley

- Founder of Sandburgh

- Former Head of Education of Sanctuary Hills

- Vice President of CherryTech Technologies

- Member of The Ministry of Funny Quotes (With two quotes right now! :D )

- Owner of Chillington United and it's sister club Chillplains SC

Summary of Owned Property

- Residence in Wythern

- Ice Emporium's 1st store in Wythern

- The City of Chillington

- Ice Emporium's 2nd store in Savacaci

- Icicle Holdings

- Ice Emporium's 3rd store in Spruce Valley

- Arctic Bakery's 1st store in Venceslo

- Ice Emporium's 4th store in Norwest

- Arctic Bakery's 2nd store in Norwest

- Arctic Bakery's 3rd store in Frosty Rivers

- Residence in Silent Plains

- Arctic Bakery's 4th store in Chalxior

- Arctic Bakery's 5th store in Wythern

- Arctic Bakery's 6th store in Alexandria Bay

- Ice Emporium's 5th store in Alexandria Bay

- The City of Plainsley

- The City-State of the Chillplains

Status Information

- Cyan Status: Will be on quite often, usually more than once a day.

- Lime Status: Will be on slightly less often in Cyan Status, but same principle applies.

- Green Status: Will be on 5-7 days of the week, in usual and typical situations.

- Yellow Status: Will be on 3-4 days of the week, slightly inactive.

- Orange Status: Will be on 1-2 days of the week, pretty inactive.

- Red Status: Will not be on at all, if not rarely. Very inactive.

Be warned that CyAmethyst's status could be affected by his sleep schedule, depending on if it reverses itself or not.

Current Schedule: Normalized

Franchise Information

If you want to request one of my franchises, the best way to contact me is via /mail in-game or via Discord DMs.

Here's a small summary of my franchises:

Ice Emporium: A retail store, selling snow and ice products, along with other products to be built on residences. Available in 3 different store sizes.

Arctic Bakery: A food store, selling baked goods and other various food with an arctic twist. Available in different sizes.


If I ever leave the server for any reason or any insubordination against the admods (although I doubt that), I leave everything to my good friend, Baseball02.

If he doesn't accept, then the admods may do with my properties as seen fit.

And if I return, I will politely ask for my stuff back.