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Mayor of Thunderbird, Director of EElevators
Location Canada
Time zone November to late February/Early March: EST (GMT -5), Late February/Early March to November: EDT (GMT -4)
Language(s) English
Gender Male
MRT Information
Current rank Governor
Notable projects Thunderbird, TBI, TTC metro/bus routes
Joined Early September 2014
Accepted September 27, 2014
Citizen October 11, 2014
Trustee November 1, 2014
Councillor November 15, 2014
Mayor December 3, 2014
Senator February 7, 2015
Governor May 2, 2015
Premier No idea, life's busy for me.
Social networks
Nickname(s) decor, decormc

Howdy! I'm decorminecraft, although almost everyone calls me decor, which I like most. Another acceptable nickname would be "decormc" for using supporter benefit processes on signs (my full name takes up too much space, heh). Anyway, I am currently a Governor in the MRT as of 5/2/2015. I'm on yellow status. I have a fulfillment to retrofit all elevators in Thunderbird, my city, to new Lifts sometime in the future (hopefully EElevator doesn't go too soon).

About Me


If you haven't met me before, it's likely because I've been more of a goner over recent years (about 2015-2018) due to my low Minecraft interest, school and other IRL obligations. I love the MRT server, although I do want to prioritize school and family in particular first. Since February 2019, I've begun to appear online more often as previously noted, as I am finding the last semester of my high school career lighter than I thought (although I really shouldn't be slacking too much). Yes, I am in Grade 12 and playing the waiting game for an Offer of Admission to get into Engineering at university (the fact that it is super competitive just makes it even more stressful, so all I can do is try to get my grades up). Again, I love the MRT, hence it is a server for "Transportation and City-Building Enthusiasts", which is totally me, and this perfectly describes what I want to do in the future (hence engineering)! Thus, I feel the MRT is a good place to warm up for my future career.

This essentially sums up where I am right now in terms of my career as a student and my future plans. If I (hopefully) do get accepted into university, I may become a goner yet again this coming September, as engineering is quite intense in terms of the workload; it is university after all (but don't worry, I don't intend on leaving the MRT permanently; again, I love this server and I feel it is getting me ready for my future career, in a sense). So if I haven't met you yet and I happen to be online, don't be shy and say hi; I'm very approachable! Do it while I'm still not a goner! :P


Importantly, I have helped many new server members on their journeys forward. I am credited a lot by these players for this, which is awesome. If you're new to the server and want me to bring you forward, go ahead and ask me! I'd love to help you, as long as you cooperate!  F16  Thunderbird West -  F17  Thunderbird is where my city, Thunderbird, is, and I'm the mayor of it since Gamma opening day (October 4, 2014). I am also the former mayor of  XW11  Mississa Bay (founded by hntredtie), which Aliksong now took over since it is near his town ( XW10  Kenthurst). I'm also the Deputy Mayor of:

Since I'm Deputy Mayor of many towns, please don't ask me to be Deputy Mayor of your town, for I have to handle responsibilities/duties in the towns/cities I'm DM of (sorry...). If you need to get in touch with me, I'm online occasionally (eg. school breaks (check some of these "breaks" on the FAQ category)). If I'm not on, it's because of school, my low Minecraft interest, and extra-curricular activities. I know the first part of my name is used every day on the server. I love the EElevator plugin on the MRT, even if it's kind of glitchy, as many MRT staff like Frumple, chiefbozx, and Cal76 know that. Now that the Lift plugin came along, it actually became easier to construct and maintain elevators!

MRT history

Sorry, but I've forgotten the exact date in September when I've joined the server as a Guest in the old world. But I DO know when I've been accepted as a  Member . The administrator thomasfyfe approved my member application on 09/27/2014, so I thank him a lot for opening my door to the MRT. That day, Gamma was going to open a week later, so I just built a house in JamesGaming's town, and that's what I built in the old world. Then Gamma came on, and I was there at exactly 3:00 PM EST on opening day (and the server did crash several times). I picked  F17  station to start my town, Thunderbird, for its great landscape and sunflowers all over! It was so much fun and easy to get to  F17 . Then I started building Thunderbird the next minute. I received the Citizen rank in exactly a week after opening day, thanks to Just_robinho. I then received Trustee 3 weeks after, thanks to Tom_Pairs and my 3 endorsers. Thunderbird looked pretty awesome, and Councillor was my reward, thanks to yeamanator132. Then I received Mayor 2 1/2 weeks after, thanks to lalaboy and chiefbozx. I needed a lot of time to reach Senator (about 2 months) and I earned it on the February 2015 GSM, thanks to thomasfyfe and the rest of the staff. I needed a slightly longer time to reach Governor, and that was achieved on the May 2015 GSM, thanks to chiefbozx and some other staff. I am now aiming for Thunderbird to become epic and to reach Premier.

On June 11, 2015, in addition for my city claming  F17  Thunderbird station, it has also taken  F16  Thunderbird West after over 8 months of building Thunderbird - it has finally achieved its main dream!

In MinecraftYoshi26's Red or Black? game, I've played at show 5 (6/12/2015), and I've won the grand prize of $50! What luck for my first time playing. Try out the wheel - it's amazing.


Achievement get!
Receive the rank of Member. (Old World)
Achievement get!
Receive the rank of  Member . (New World)
Achievement get!
Home Sweet Home
Receive the rank of Citizen.
Achievement get!
Trustee of the Server
Receive the rank of Trustee.
Achievement get!
Court is in Session
Receive the rank of Councillor.
Achievement get!
Phone Call Waiting
Receive the rank of Mayor.
Achievement get!
Take a Seat
Recieve the rank of Senator.
Achievement get!
Convene the Cabinet
Receive the rank of Governor.
Achievement get!
Transit Nerd
Connect to the main Minecraft server.
Achievement get!
Welcome Back
Come on the New World.
Achievement get!
Well, we only crashed it 4 times...
Was online when the record for most online players was broken (Oct 4, 2014).
Achievement get!
Been there, done that
Join whilst the MRT was on the old world.
Achievement get!
Join the MRT on its new server during its opening weekend.
Achievement get!
Know basic WorldEdit.
Achievement get!
Know how to use EElevator.
Achievement get!
My hair's on fire
Get shocked by chiefbozx.
Achievement get!
My hair's on fire 2.0
Get shocked by chiefbozx twice.
Achievement get!
Woo! Admins!
Attend AdminFest/ShockFest II on April 1, 2015.
Achievement get!
Thou Hast Been Smitten!
Get smitten by an  Admin .
Achievement get!
Down to Business
Attend a GSM.
Achievement get!
Home of the MRT
Live in Canada, where the MRT was born.
Achievement get!
Hub of Information
Make an account on the Wiki.
Achievement get!
Connect to the old server (before the new world)
Achievement get!
Connect to Mumble.
Achievement get!
Golden Ticket
Win the lottery.
Achievement get!
1.8 Update!
Join the server when it updated May 30?, 2015.
Achievement get!
Wealth of Experience
Be a member for over 6 months.
Achievement get!
Long Time Service
Be a member for over a year.
Achievement get!
Old and Gray
Be a member for over 2 years.


How do I get to Thunderbird?
When have you joined the MRT?

I have joined the MRT in Early September 2014. I have been accepted as a  Member  on the 27th, just before the new world came to be.

Are you good with Lift?

I'm really good with Lifts, just like many others! I have founded a company called DElevator Company (although back then, there were EasyElevators (EElevators), and I just replaced the first E with a D) that helps others to build/repair/examine elevators. Details about DElevator can be found by clicking the link to its page.

Did you build every single elevator in Thunderbird?

Why, yes I have, except for a Music's Gems elevator, worldedited in with the structure.


  • Decor's Potion Palace (2 floors)
  • <Town/city name> Supermarket (7 floors)
  • Decor's Combat Shop (9 floors)
  • Decor's Tool Shop (6 floors)
  • Decorvenience store (1 floor)
  • Decrocery Store (1 floor)
  • Oliver Jewelery (1 floor)

Evolved Airways

I am a CEO of Evolved Airways, thanks to JamesGaming. Details can be found by clicking on the link to its page.


I am also a CEO of Element, thanks to hntredtie and cgc747. Details can be found by clicking on the link to its page.