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Big Brother Mini
Big Brother Mini 7
Name Entered Exited      
The Goddesses 0 minutes Never
MinecraftYoshi26 0 minutes
26 minutes 
26 minutes
525,600 minutes 
KittyCat11231 0 minutes  69 minutes   
Baseball02 0 minutes  2 minutes   
_Kastle No.  No.   
Winner: All the Power in the World
Runner-up: Free Money from Admins

Big Brother Mini 7 is the non-existent 7th season of the series Big Brother Mini. The season did not occur due to the presence of Baseball02. Whenever Baseball02 is present, we always seem to be short by one person, _Kastle says "No" repeatedly, or everyone is obsessed with Hunters and Runners for some unknown reason (probably the goddesses). We think that this may be due to the goddesses cursing Baseball02.