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Location Ireland
Time zone GMT
Language(s) English
Gender Male
Birth date November 28th
MRT Information
Current rank [Mayor+]
Notable projects New Dublinium
Federated States of the New World
Joined March 25th 2020
Accepted March 31st 2020
Citizen April 7th 2020
Trustee April 24th 2020
Councillor May 1st 2020
Mayor May 9th 2020
Supporter May 12th 2020 (Gifted by Echo)
Social networks

Hi. I'm just another player. I am currently vice president of the Federated States. I first joined the server in early March but left pretty soon after because the trams weren't working. I rejoined later and became a  [Member]  on the 31st of March. After this, I built a house in Creeperville and a franchise (Potions & Potions) nearby. After I became [Citizen], I set about building my town. I started to build at  NE10  but realised that I was too close to other towns and stopped. The day after the April GSM, I claimed  JS18  on the new Jungle Line extension and started again. I named my town New Dublinium. After becoming a [Trustee], I founded Lidl.