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The Odyssey of I-Hate-IXL was a journey by EliteNeon that took place on March 16th, 2020 from 11:17AM to 7:53PM Eastern Daylight Time.

The Journey

The journey was initiated when EliteNeon decided to have the MRT playing in the backrground of his math homework on EliteNeon became slowly and thoroughly more enraged as the questions kept coming. Days before, he decided to ride the Southern Line while answering Snapchat streaks; In that line of thinking he decided to repeat that process. He took a Shadowpoint Navy vessel to Shadowpoint, where he took IntraRail to the Mason City International Airport. He boarded a Waypoint flight to Airchester, and connected to an IntraAir flight to Sunshine Coast. Elite then took the SSC Metro to Assange Square, where he transferred to an express train to the MRT Station in Alta Mesa. Elite boarded the MRT Southern Line eastbound to SE26. At SE26, the train turned around, and the journey began. EliteNeon rode the Southern Line from end to end twice. Throughout that time, he became incredibly enraged at the prospect of finishing the IXL problems. Elite then rode the Southern Line to S0, Dand, and transferred to the Zephyr Line. EliteNeon by this point had given up on the problems, and took to venting the rest of the way to Northlend, ZN42. Around ZS5, Vulpicula joined the journey. Elite went on to do several impressions of the NPR Newscast, before /afking to help his father. By the time it was all done, Elite had travelled all the way to the Chalxior area. He spent the rest of the time planning a newspaper, which will likely never be read. The train turned around at ZN46 Rank Resort, and Elite got off at his town Northlend, at ZN42. He then took that same Navy vessel to New Mackinaw, and at 7:53PM, the journey was done. The journey totaled 8 hours and 46 minutes, and helped further debate on Yellowcharmellow's Rank Reform bill.