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LocationLos Angeles County, California, United States
Time zonePacific Time
GenderMale I found the polar opposite of that in an egg I cracked
Birth dateOctober 21
MRT information
Current rank[Councillor]
Notable projectsArcticRail
Joined10 September 2020
Accepted3 January 2021
Citizen10 January 2021
Trustee18 January 2021
Councillor30 January 2021
Social networks
fwisamongus's Current Time
10:17 am, July 7, 2022 PDT


I'm fwisamongus, also known as fwis. I am a big fan of aviation and public transit. I own the restaurant chain Le Sus and the roller coaster manufacturing company SusCoasters, with both their names inspired by the slang popularized by Among Us, which is a video game I enjoy. I like innovating with minecraft redstone and I like building redstone machines like the automated metro found in my first and only town, Winterville.

Who Promoted Me To Each Rank?

 [Member] : Unknown, possibly Frumple

[Citizen]: Endorsements by kyyl_ and AP_Red, command from AP_Red

[Trustee]: Endorsements by Racer395, decorminecraft, and PaintedBlue, command from Frumple

[Councillor]: Endorsements by VickiTori_ and Megascatterbomb, command from Megascatterbomb