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Director of Random
LocationChicago, Illinois, USA
Time zoneUS Central (GMT -6)
Language(s)English, Spanish, and limited German
MRT information
Current rankCouncillor+
JoinedJanuary 21, 2013
AcceptedJanuary 27, 2013
TrusteeMay 17, 2013
SupporterNovember 11, 2013
Social networks

Hi. I'm hawksfan1010. I am a [Councillor] on the MRT server. I go by hawks or hawksfan on the server. I am the [Mayor] of  Y14  Oaksville-Owasso,. I am the mayor of both towns at that station. The deputy mayor of Owasso is mustang_guy. The deputy mayor of Oaksville is AdoboAndRice. I have also inherited  Y1  Morningside and  B26  Marauder Forest. The deputy mayor of  Y1  Morningside is _MajorMagpie_. The deputy mayor of  B26  Marauder Forest is undecided. I hold the position of Deputy Mayor position in Palm Paradise (Mayor: mustang_guy), Prubourne (Mayor: TechnologyPro), and Talihina (Mayor: Soleurs) I am also the CEO of Megavalue Supermarkets & RS Transit. I also co-own HY Games Corp. with MinecraftYoshi26. On the side, I am the Manager of Paradise Resorts and Paradise Residential Apartments, and I build jetways & manage the mall (not the concourse shops) at the MRT International Airport. I own the MRT Bank (due to qwolf1999's departure), and I am staff of the MRT Zoo & The MRT Will Centre

Contacting Me

You can contact me in many ways. Upon request (and if I trust you,) I check my email often. But, another fast way is my Twitter, @MRThawksfan1010. You can also send me mail in my personal P.O. box in the MRT Mail Centre (usually checked every 1-2 days), or if it is business related, put some mail in the RS Transit business box at the Mail Centre.

Social Media

Currently, in the Minecraft World, I am on Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, & Steam. You can find these links below. Also, I give my email out on request to people I trust. :P

Twitter: [1]

YouTube: [2]

Twitch: [3]

Steam: [4]