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Location Helsinki area, Finland
Time zone GMT +2
Language(s) Finnish, English, German, Swedish (basics)
Gender Male
Birth date 15.03.
MRT Information
Current rank Mayor
Notable projects Southlake
Joined 11.11.13
Accepted 12/2013?
Citizen 27.11.14 21:00 EET
Trustee April-May 2015
Councillor Fall Or summer 2015
Mayor Spring 2016
Supporter 29.05.2020
Social networks
Nickname(s) Helky, Helk, Suomiboy (Hanny Calls me like that often :D)

Hello im helkama!

Or helky (how tarry calls me :D)

Im mayor of Southlake at  C49  Foobar

Wat who is Helkama, Helky... Whatever?

Im a player on the MRT. I live in Southern-Finland and im the only Finnish MRT player. I joined the MRT first time in fall 2013. I speak Finnish, English and German very good But i cant write German so good. Im learning Swedish at School while everyone learns that here in Finland because its the second official language after Finnish. When i joined the MRT it was kinda cool to ride the MRT lines while i like trains. After i got applied i just build a small building somewhere next to Hamanei (Hamanei came after i build my house there.) and then i was kinda just exploring for the next few months and chatting. Then i started HelkGroup with owns Helcom (dat Mobile wireless operator).

Continued soon!

How did i found the mrt?

The story how i found the server was kinda like an accident. I was looking for Cities In Motion videos on Youtube and i found Frumple's videos about it, then i watched on his channel page for more of these vids and found a video about the MRT so i joined the server. Without CIM i wont be here.


Red Inactively active... Always busy doing something... You might find me on Discord

-Future status-