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Location United Kingdom
Time zone UTC
Language(s) English
Gender Male
Birth date 25/3/1994
MRT Information
Current rank Trustee+
Joined Circa July 2012
Accepted 19/7/2012
Trustee 1/3/2014
Supporter 6/1/2014
Social networks
Twitter @HunterX263
Personal website

Hi, I'm Hunter_X. (If you are one of the rare few who know me as Gold Prognosticus, please get in touch with me - I wasn't aware there were any members from that particular site on here) I'm an aspiring programmer currently in my second year of university, with hopes to go into games development once I finish. I joined the MRT server fairly early on and produced a number of minor projects across the map, but unfortunately I drifted away after a few months and ended up only checking in occasionally for about a year or so. Let's see if I can last a bit longer this time!

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